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Vikki has been an incredibly busy girl of late, and exhausted as well. You’d think that would make me less horny and less likely to dally around with myself, but the opposite has been true. I’ve been obsessed lately. The slightest thing—the delicious curve of an ass seen on the subway, a sexy email from one of my readers (and there have been several lately, thank you! I promise to respond soon), a love scene on TV, a particularly unh-inducing song on the my streaming radio channel&#8212and off I go, wet and throbbing as though I hadn’t already had three or four orgasms already that day.

I’m calling this my manic phase, for want of a better word.

Maybe it’s just hormones. Ah, the lovely reality of being a woman.

Do men masturbate like we do? I wonder sometimes. Some times I’m just needy, greedy, grabbing my vibe and cranking it up and pushing myself higher and higher over each pre-orgasmic hump until I shudder a moment or two later, and that’s it. Other times I need to take my time, rubbing my nipples, dipping my fingers into my wetness, rolling slow almost-not-there circles around my clit for ten or twenty minutes, savouring each progressive level of arousal like a fine truffle, before begging and moaning aloud and finally bucking against my fingers. Last time I did that I actually pulsed and throbbed for a full three minutes after orgasm (yeah, I counted). It was phenomenal.

Anyways, I always wondered if men did that too, different masturbation for different moods, sometimes perfunctory and quick, other times drawn out and intense. Or is it always about getting to the finish line?

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  • I know I’m not the only one, but thanks anyway šŸ™‚
    Imagine all the masturbating women of the world right now ….. world wild women ..

  • I can’t speak for other men, but for me, how I masturbate has a lot to do with how long it’s been since I last masturbated.
    If it’s been a few days, then everything is sensitive and the stroking sends little jolts through me, and I take my time. The results can be explosive.
    If I’ve masturbated recently, then the subtle touches are less likely to do anything for me, and I’m more inclined to just grab it and go for the finish. Nothing spectacular, but it works.
    If I’ve been on a bender, and still find myself aching to come just one more time, there’s nothing to do but lube up, grip tight, pump like mad, and hope that it gets me there.
    Needless to say, there is an inverse relationship between quantity and quality. And yet, if I’m thinking about it, I want it, so I have to distract myself or use a lot of self control for a couple days if I’m going to go without that long.
    Caveat: A significant and/or extended source of arousal can *significantly* affect the results. It’s amazing how, say, a new story on herdesires can “breathe” new life into me. šŸ˜‰

  • Thanks for the feedback, guys! Glad to know it’s not just me. [grin] And Byr0n, thanks for giving us little insight into the way the male mind works.
    And, of course, for the gentle hint to write another story soon. Working on it. šŸ™‚

  • thats a great story. but i got to say i still think women do it more than what they all say.. anyways, as for me well i do it everyday. no matter what. its not that i cant get any, its because i love to jack off.every morning and right be for i go to bed for sure. and on the days i dont work (sat. & sun.)i might go 5,6,7,10 times seriousley i have… and it could be a quiki b/c i was watching a show or thought of some hott chick or b/c i had nothing to do. and if i really wanted to get in to it like if i was really “in the mood” i’ll add a little lube and its all great…but anyways it sounds like i jack off alot but its not because my buddy and everyone i know and i all do it and people all over the world do it to….

  • i forgot one thing i ment buddys i dont want anyone who reads this to think i am some freak lonner who looks at porn all day i am a 19yr old whiteboy from los angles, orange county. somewere in between.

  • Well, actually I’m not much of a guy .. but I certainly would like to have a hard … Just thought your request to the guys didn’t forbid me to add a remark, too. šŸ™‚
    And, Damn, you have a way with words. I’ve just read your last story, Part 1. *pheeew* I could have been there myself ….

  • Thanks guys! And deva, thanks so much re: the story. Look for Part 2 later today, believe it or not (I finally got smart and wrote the whole damn thing first before posting part 1…). [grin]

  • I sometimes get satisfaction from the ‘dangle’.
    I sit on the side of the bed and slowly stroke upwards, nurturing the head end, using both hands in succession so as not to lose contact.
    If, at the same time, I fantasise a rear entry,
    but keep the stroking slow, I can build an orgasm that lasts for ten minutes before becoming overwhelming. Then I just have to stroke or squeeze a tiny bit harder to have the most body-shaking, tingling, muscular contraction everywhere, almost blackout ecstacy.

  • I’m with you, Vikki. I vary my masturbation techniques depending on my mood. Quantity = minimum 5 x per week, usually more (sometimes 5x per day). I find that where I am in my monthly hormonal cycle affects how often & how varied my masturbation is.

  • Ricardo, your ‘dangle’ sounds like an incredible thing to watch. Gots me all juicy thinking about it.
    Sunshine, I’m right there with you on the 5+ a day at times. Certain times of the month find me so horny I’m nearly humping everything in sight just for some relief.
    You’ve all heard it before, but damn, I gotta start dating soon.

  • I think men have some kind of cycle of horneyness.
    Certain times of the month little or no sexaul thoughts, later in the month sex,sex,sex,sex.
    As far as techniques sometimes its more about the touching or rubbing and getting close to climaxing, then other times it is just about finishing.
    I also don’t think men put alot of thought into the technique they use to masturbate.

  • I’m an 18 y.o. girl and I’m totally addicted to masturbating. I can’t go more than an hour without doing it. I use loads of different toys and have to go to the toilets when I’m out anywhere. Some days I need it so bad I’m only going 20 minutes or so between sessions. I’m as addicted to masturbating as I am to smoking.

  • I like to fantasize about black prostitutes and their big bouncing black asses while I jack off.

  • I, myself am a Heavy Masterbater my daily average is 5 or 7 times. On days when I stay home I sometimes do it more than 10 times. I was pleasantly surprised by hearing that that 18 year old female was “totally addicted” also. It’s actually rare to find anyone as “addicted”

  • Okay… I’ll ADMIT it. I actually TRY to cum MORE than 10 times on quite a few days… In fact, I try to do this as OFTEN as I can. And I LOVE fantacising to pictures or movies of full figured females.

  • I masturbate atleast 6 times a day and I have found a way for me to orgasm wihout coming and actually makes the orgasm better which is a good thing.

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