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I promised I’d tell you about some of my fantasies—the ones I’ve used to get me off, past and present. Tonight I’ll delve into the past.

When I was a teenager, one of the sexiest things I could ever imagine happening to me was being grabbed by a gang of boys and thrown into the back of a van. They’d tie me up, spreadeagled, standing against the back wall of the van, while they sat around me in a semi-circle.

They’d take turns coming up to me, licking my nipples, touching my nether bits, doing everything they could to tease me and make me moan. The other guys would watch and jerk themselves off. Then—him—the ringleader. He’d come to me and look at me with the sexiest look possible while his finger slipped between my wet pussy lips and rubbed my clit so slowly and so deliberately that I’d be bucking up against him, begging for his touch, closer and closer to orgasm, while the onlookers would get harder and redder and sometime around the moment when the first guy shot his load, I’d come (figuratively and literally).

Yum. Haven’t thought about that one in years. Amazing that I had fantasies like this for years and didn’t realize that I had latent BDSM interests until just a few years ago!

Another teen fantasy was being trapped in a stall in a women’s washroom by another, more aggressive woman. She’d get on her knees before me and, despite my begging and pleading, she’d push up my skirt and shove my knees apart and dig her tongue right under my panties, licking at me. Other women would come into the bathroom and I’d have to bite my lip and be so quiet while she suckled my clit, bringing me to an explosive orgasm.

And finally, one of my favourites from those years was going to an adult movie theatre with my lover. I’d touch him while he watched, and then, too excited for words, I’d kneel down on the sticky, dirty floor and slide my mouth over him. As I slurped him greedily, some of the other men in the theatre would notice, and they’d crowd around us, commenting on my hot mouth and sweet bare ass beneath my skirt while my lover held my head in his hands and encouraged me to suck him harder.

Damn, I was a kinky little girl. Still am, thank goodness!

More fantasies soon…

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  • I have to say.. Wow. For some reason, I’ve never really come across an erotic blog, much less such a handful of ones I’ve found by reading yours. It’s fascinating. My heart races when I read it because you’re so.. raw. You indulge in things that aren’t my preference, granted. 😉 But, at the same time, I love to read on, and I also feel very jealous that I don’t have the same wide-open blogging power to describe every fantasy and sexual occurance.
    This is possibly because I’m only 16. And have had only one, and present, partner.
    I must say though.. reading your blog, although I’m certain you must be much older than I, makes me thirst for creating a personal blog for fantasies. The only thing is.. I share a computer with my family and I panic when I think of the risks.
    Any ideas on how to share personal thoughts.. but keeping them from a family’s prying eyes?

  • I am very new to this whole blog phenomenon and I am not sure I understand what the attraction is for bloggers (the writers, that is), especially when it comes to writing about that which one would usually keep private. C.- who is it that you want to share with and why? Or do you just want to write it down for yourself? Why not keep a personal journal?

  • Wow. First, C., thanks for your comments. Second, I should probably say something here about the fact that the site is for 18’s and over only. But, I was sixteen once too, and I know what it’s like to be curious.
    C., frankly hun, I’d be worried if you *were* into all the same things as me! Took me years of learning about myself before I became comfortable with all the likes and dislikes of me.
    And re: the blog, sweets, if you want to hide it best from Mom&Dad’s prying eyes, wait till you’re out on your own to do it. While you live in their house, there will always be a chance that they will find it (not unlike a normal journal). Good luck.
    And Paul, I can’t speak for C., only for me – and I blog in public because it’s what I do. A songwriter might write songs about their thoughts and dreams and experiences. A photographer might shoot. I’ve been a web builder since C. was in kindergarten, so when I want to express myself, that’s the medium I grab for.
    And as for blogging about sexuality *specifically*, I do it not only to sort out my own thoughts but also because I like the idea that by sharing my own internal thoughts, struggles and processes, I can help someone else who is on the same path (or at least make them feel as though they’re not alone).
    The appeal of blogging is not much different than the appeal of the printing press when it was invented – suddenly, it was easier than ever before to publish thoughts, opinions, and encourage public discourse. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
    Hope that helps!

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