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The life of a sexuality blogger can be a dismal one at times, and today is just one of those times.
Go to Google News, do a search on “sex” to see what’s new in the news of sex, and here are the top ten headlines:
Prosecutor to Lay Sex Charges on Pitcairn Island
Sex traffickers using SF, LA as ports of entry
Fighting the sex traffickers
Female teacher in New Jersey accused of having sex with seventh-grade student
Play straight, practise safe sex
Former Jailer Charged in Sex Case
Informant Says Roane Co. Officer Traded Sex for No Arrest
TBI investigating deputy who allegedly had sex with confidential …
Trial Begins for Daycare Sex Abuse Man
PA Man Faces Sex Charges
I can’t bear to list any more but trust me when I say you must travel a long way through the list to find anything remotely uplifting or sweet or hot or sweaty in the list, and most definitely you will not find anything naughtier still but full of positive yummy sexy goodness like tropical fruit sex or dressed-like-a-nun sex or, to paraphrase one of my favourite journalists, slippery anal bead sex. More’s the pity.
No wonder that the world’s sexuality feels on the whole like something that has been beaten up and rubbed raw and not in the good way, thank you very much. All we do is prosecute people for doing it, persecute people for thinking about it, and chastise people for talking about it. For shame.
Yes, there are bad people doing bad things in the world, there always have been, there always will be. Not condoning for a moment. But. Even so. This is all the news there is about sex?
It seems to me that the whole world needs to take a deep breath and grab a friend and lay out the clear plastic tablecloths and lube up and slide around and play fun games with pineapple rings and firm juicy grapes for just a little while, and forget about the wouldn’ts and the shouldn’ts and the mustn’ts and the can’ts. And for goodness sake let’s not waste all that effort should it actually occur, let’s write about it and celebrate it and teach that to our children instead of the fearmongering and the whispering and the hinting that just anything about pleasure is bad. And not in a good way.
We would be so much happier. Less pinched. More lubricious.
And that’s just never a bad thing.

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