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I’ve been officially working too many hours to formulate any great ideas or opinions on anything sexual. Very tired little Vikki. So, I’m subjecting you to yet another hodgepodge of miscellaneous bits that I’ve run across in the past couple of days.
First, though, I wanted to mention I got a letter of complaint from one of my visitors over my Vagina Monologues review. She stated – and very correctly, too – that I went a little heavy-handed on the anti-feminism and “dyke” metaphors. This is very true. I had reasons for using the terminology I did (not the least of which is my own ambivalence about the term “feminist”) but she’s also right. Hard to state on this site that I’m a sex-positive site and then use the bashing I did. This site is also about exploration, though, so that means you all get to watch in a kind of driving-by-a-car-accident kind of way while I work through these things mentally. I’m going to do a rewrite soon, and see if I can’t work through my feelings on this a little better, and without the bashing.
Around the web, I was delighted to see that at least part of Heartless’ Holey Haven is back up and running. This was always a favourite little humour site of mine (check out the Stupid Penis Tricks for a laugh) and I was delighted to see that Michelle even gave me a nod on her links page. Nod and a wink right back.
From those links, traveled to a blog written by a Lifestyle sub, which was interesting reading. While I’m curious about exploring my submissive side more, I can’t imagine being a lifestyle sub myself, but it seems to work for a great many people. She mentioned an interesting crop on her site that I had to go check out.
I’ve never been to J.T.’s Stockroom before, but it looks like a nice store. Lots of fun things I’d never seen before, and some scary ones too. In the fun category was the crop mentioned above. This looks like it has distinct possibilities. <grin>
And at some point, I should get around to telling you about last weekend’s trip with Bast and her boyfriend (gotta come up with a pseudonym for him if he’s going to keep popping up in here) to a peeler bar – Bast’s first visit. We had a blast. Will give more details later.
Till then, smooches. 🙂

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