why is chest hair sexy?


Our bodies are all about texture. Women are smooth and soft. We even shave our body hair to make up for nature’s little shortcomings in that department. And men – well, they’re truly wonderful creatures. Such a contrast of smooth and hard, rough and soft.
Chest hair is sexy because it looks so delightfully masculine. Because its crinkly texture feels wonderful against your palms, your lips, your breasts. Because so often it arrows down towards men’s waists, and the exciting things that lie below.I love chest hair for the same reason I love stubble on a man – because it’s a little rough. If I wanted smooth and soft all the time, I’d make love to women instead of men. I find myself continually searching out the areas on a man that are the most textured – their beard, their chest. Not to mention other, more private, areas. 🙂
It also makes an exciting contrast against the smoothness of the back, the neck, and the sensitive tip of a man’s cock. All those textures. Makes me want to bathe in them for hours. Personally, I love what those textures can do against my body. I love waking up the next morning to find small abrasions on my neck and between my breasts, my lips a little sensitive from rubbing against a beard, signs of a delicious evening of lovemaking.Some random thoughts from a randy mind… <grin>

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  • I cringe and shudder at the very thought of chest hair. Yuk. A little is just fine, but when you get into the chest fur demographic…eeegh. Thank goodness for personal preference in this world, otherwise we’d all want the same type of man eh?

  • It’s been said that we are conditioned sexually from a young age by our surroundings. Well I’ve personally always found women who wear stockings a big turn on! The business woman look 🙂 Difficult to describe why….
    A poll I saw on a site:
    and chest hair?
    “I wish it weren’t there” 40%
    Undecided 25%
    Think it’s sexy 19%
    Find it repulsive 16%

  • I, along with my other girlfriends, agree that a hairy chest is very appealing on a man. Both sexy and masculine, there is something quite unique and mysterious about it. That little happy trail that women talk about from the navel down is not complete, either, unless there is enough body hair in other places to make things look uniform. I must say that actors like Tom Selleck, Alec Baldwin, Sean Connery, and Andy Garcia make it look real good! Hope it comes back to the mainstream soon because it bothers me to see some men shave!

  • I am a man I have hair on my chest.
    My wife also says it is sexy.
    Hi ladies send your opinion how it is sexy to have hair on chest.
    also what you like in men.
    for me it is breast ,Navel,Vagina nipple hipps Ilike in woman

  • my gym teacher showered with us once (we was playin rugger) n i almost ejaculated on the spot :S

  • Thru experience I have only one rule: All hairy actors are very sexy (Tom Selleck, A. Baldwin, our new James Bond, etc). But hairy chest, muscles, blue eyes: everything is relative and the sum of different parts of the body, plus age, plus personality, plus what you like, is what really makes you attactive.

  • I like Matty’s comment. I have no chest hair, like it on other guys though. Don’t care for hairy necks. Wes.

  • i have chest hair, but i keep it short and bleach it out for the LA look.

  • I love a nice hairy chest. My husband’s is magnificent and I love burying my face in it. So, all you hairy-chested guys out there, unbutton those shirts and let’s see it!!

  • Personally I don’t care for hairy chests in general. With the single exception of Sean Connery. And also, that was all until I caught David Suchet in Sunday, and in The In-Laws, in the tub scene with Albert Brooks. Mmmmhhh. The man is hot.

  • My first crush was on my math teacher and he always unbuttoned his shirt on hot days. He was so hairy I just kept wanting him so much the entire year.

  • i kie men with hairy chest cause they r sexier than those who r hairiless

  • Hairy chests mmmmmmm. Or that bit of hair that goes from belly button down MMMMMMM.

  • Chest Hair is a MUST on a man. I won’t date a guy without it. It is SOOOOO hot. I also like back hair… totally sexy. Butt hair’s too… heck, I just love hairy men.
    Men.. if you have chest hair, back hair or hair ANYWHERE else keep it and look for a woman who will enjoy it! Believe me we are out here waiting for YOU!!!

  • No chest hair for me, please!
    “happy trials” are kinda sexy, cauz you know where that leads….;)
    I guess a little bit of chest hair is ok, but you don’t want to look like you have a beaver sitting on your chest!! *ahem*Sean Connery*cough* I mean, the guy’s got a hot, handsome face (love those dark eyes and pouty lips..mmmmm) but his chest hair totally ruins it for me!!!
    hey, chest hair is at least better than BACK hair, right?

  • Actually i changed my mind….no chest hair at all!!!
    chest hair reminds me of weird old men…..
    love janie
    P.S. don’t worry guys, if YOU have chest hair, don’t bother to shave it off, be PROUD of what you got!!!
    Just because i don’t like it, doesn’t mean there aren’t many ladies out there who will…;)

  • to all you ladies vince b. has a lot of chest hair if you catch my drift

  • Well ive been in a serious relationship with this one guy and he has such BURLEY chest hair. OMG somtimes i just want to scream, he looks like a big HUSKY lumberjack. I love nothing more than stroking/brading/coresening his sexy chest. Any women who dont enjoy a masculine furry shag pad need to go date a girl becuase a real man has it fluttering on his cheat 🙂

  • Hairy chests do it for me every time . Let’s just say they get my motor running .

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