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God, I hate games.
Well, now, let me qualify that. I enjoy some games. Ones in which both people know exactly what’s going on. No manipulation, no hiding, no dishonesty. So long as those guidelines apply, I’m all for the fun of games.
Which is precisely why this site, The Art of Seduction, rings a little false with me. Could be that it’s a great way to learn about the opposite sex. It’s possible that many women would even benefit from it in ways similar to getting counselling or reading a self-help book.
I’ve gotta say that some of the “topics” covered bother me.
Case in point: “How to become the woman of his dreams: being his preconceived ideal.” Oh, now that one just SMACKS of honesty, doesn’t it?
Another: “controlling the development of intimacy”. Now, see, this may be far more innocuous than it sounds. Still, it reminds me of those woman-power seminars where you don’t “give out” till you “get what you want”. Don’t get me wrong here – I’m not advocating jumping into bed on the first date.I am, however, against using sex as a manipulative tool, withholding it until he’s jumped through the hoops you intend him to jump through. Come on, ladies, is he a man or a dog?
In the end, I prefer to think of seduction as a pleasurable means to an end – for both partners – rather than a checklist or game that must be played in order to entice an unwilling partner into bed.
But maybe that’s just me. đŸ™‚

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