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This weekend I checked out the Everything To Do With Sex Show with a Bast and some other friends. You gotta love the premise – kind of like a Home and Garden show but for those who love sex!
And who doesn’t, really? 🙂
Interesting items: I was really surprised by the proliferation of Wet, a flavoured lube I recently picked up at a Fantasia party. This stuff was everywhere. And I must admit, it beats the hell out of AstroGlide as a lube. Tasty! Ran across another really, really silky lube called Eros (CAYA sells it here). I couldn’t believe how silky this stuff was. Of course, it should be at $30 a bottle. Ouch!
I also found a leather corset (one of the items on my shopping list). Didn’t pick it up at the show, but I will very soon. It was gorgeous. Black leather, a zip up the front, corset lacing at the back, and garter straps. Yummy. Staying with that theme, I also saw a cat o’ nine tails (I think that’s what it’s called) that also intrigued. I’ve never owned a whip before or any kind of flogger, but this was really interesting – it had fur on the tips. Hell, it would be fun to use even without force!
Picked up a book, to help start my collection of erotic and old erotic photographs. It’s fascinating – a historical look at S&M practices over the last hundred years. Most of the pictures were of spanking or whipping, but there were some good bondage pictures as well. So very strange, to see these proper women in these old photos bending over to be spanked, their bare asses in the air. Excellent photography.
Also saw some boots I really liked, but at $300 a pop, they will have to wait…
Damn, this sex stuff can get expensive!

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