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This is so sad.
I was shocked and dismayed and… well, here, let me give you the scoop. According to The Position:

The most recent sexual survey, Sex in America (1994), by M. Gagnon et al., found that about 40 percent of women in the general population between the ages of 18 to 59 had masturbated within the past year. The survey also found that about one in 10 women reported that they masturbate at least once per week.

Am I reading these numbers wrong? Only forty percent – within the past year? Only one out of ten masturbated once per week?
One would assume from these numbers that the other 60 percent didn’t masturbate at all during the past year?
Oh, that’s so sad!
Women, as a gender, really have to get their shit together, sexually speaking. I couldn’t believe these numbers were from a survey as recent as 1994. It’s not really the masturbation – or lack of it – precisely, that bothers me. It’s what it means. It’s the volumes it says between the lines about how women feel about themselves and their sexuality.
I know it sounds like I’m on a crusade. I’m not, honestly; more of an exploration. It’s just that facts like this continue to shock me. They shouldn’t, not really – after all, I fell in the forty-percent-once-in-a-long-while group not so very long ago. But I, as we’ve discussed before, wasn’t a very healthy girl, sexually speaking. I was wilting, as you might remember. And the thought that sixty percent of the women out there are in the same shape – or worse – it boggles the mind! It makes me want to gather them all up and hug each and every one of them and send them home with their very own silver bullet!Small wonder women are still fighting for equality in the boardrooms, classrooms and other public places in our society. We can’t even get a handle – literally – on something as basic and natural as our own sexuality!
in other news: I had a wonderful midafternoon daydream – a delicious break from work. Something to do with a plastic dropcloth, lots of massage oil and body heat, limbs tangling and sliding against each other, hands sliding and slipping, the sensations all the more intense because you can never stay in just one spot, never sustain the grip you so desperately want and need, like a full-body tease. Moaning and shivering, all tense muscles and incredibly sexy smells…
There’s a story in there, methinks.
Off to bed to plan it out… 🙂

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