the male g-spot


Another amazing scientific discovery posted yesterday – scientists have discovered the male G spot!
According to reports, they found the part of the brain that gets excited the most when a man is sexually aroused by what he sees.
Can I play devil’s advocate for a moment?
Of course there’s a part of the brain that gets affected when men are aroused by visual imagery. Coulda told them that myself, and I’m far from being a scientist. It makes sense, doesn’t it? The eyes are attached to the brain. The brain is what sends out all the signals to our bodies – sexual organs included – to do their thing, puff up with blood and arousal, et cetera. I’m pretty sure you’d find an analagous spot in women’s brains – though maybe not affected so much by the visual – that is affected when we’re aroused by outside stimuli.
A g-spot, however, is a different thing (or so I’ve heard…). It’s an actual physical spot in the female sex organs that can be very arousing when stimulated. I’ve never felt this myself, but have spoken personally to enough women to believe it exists.
For male researchers to call this new “brain spot” in men a “g-spot” says one thing to me – these male researchers are jealous. Women have many, many erogenous zones and men, as a rule, don’t have quite so many. As a woman, I’ve got to say that’s not neccessarily a bad thing. I don’t mind focusing my attention in a few places rather than many. And perhaps it is this fact – that men have fewer erogenous zones, and many have only *one* – that has made giving blowjobs such a wonderful thing for me. If they reacted the same way when I put my mouth in dozens of other places, would I have as much fun?
This news, however, will be of immense help to the .001% of women who don’t already know that men are aroused by visual stimuli…

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