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I’m not a tease, per se, but I do love teasing. A “tease” is someone who promises one thing but doesn’t deliver. Teasing, to me, just means building anticipation until its reaches a peak, then delivering on your promises. I think it’s a highly underrated sexual technique; it’s really an excellent method that “travels well” – meaning that if you’re in public, it’s still something you can do well with a big effect on your partner.
I like teasing to start in public with looks, comments, random touches that are still (somewhat) appropriate in public. This can go on for minutes or hours, depending on the mood of the participants, the public venue, and the person you’re teasing, of course.
But the real teasing can begin once a private or semi-private location is reached. We’re by nature sexual beings; it gives us the greatest pleasure our bodies can know. It’s a shame that in this fast-food world of NOW NOW NOW that we sometimes forget to slow down, draw it out, and let the anticipation build.

Not that I’m completely against the quickie; there are times and moods when all I want is a fast fuck, quick, hard, intense, and totally satisfying. But sex is like food; if you eat the same thing (read: play the same way) over and over again, things get boring pretty quickly.
If the quickie is like a Big Mac, then teasing – if done correctly – helps to turn sex into a sumptuous buffet with multiple courses and all the trimmings.
Heavy-duty teasing – the kind done in private – is my favourite kind. Withholding an orgasm from your partner until they feel as though they’ve been stretched on a rack – until they truly don’t feel as though they can stand it another minute – and then giving it to them, full-on, for as long as they can stand it, is one of my favourite things to do. I think it acts as a powerful mental aphrodisiac, in addition to the obvious physical sensations in creates. Knowing that your partner holds in his or her hands (or mouth, or… pick your body part) the ability to give you screaming pleasure but are holding back, making you wait until you’re nearly ready to beg… It’s a powerful tool.
Light bondage can accentuate this feeling. I’m not talking whips or chains, just scarves or something equally soft. Tying up your partner so that they are wholly and totally at your sensual mercy. Touches so light they’re not sure if you’re touching them or not, a lick here, a quick suck there. The bound hands and feet make it difficult for them to move, difficult to grab you when the teasing is prolonged. For the receiver, it helps to accentuate the feeling of placing yourself in the hands of your lover – giving yourself over to their ministrations. For the giver, there’s no better feeling in the whole world than knowing that it is you who has given your lover such excruciating, incredible pleasure.
Anticipation. What a wonderful, terrible word. 🙂

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