quiet in blogland


Rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated, I promise. πŸ™‚

For those of you who enjoy reading sex blogs, it’s been pretty slim pickings – apparently I’m not the only one stuck in a weird malaise. With Bacchus gone, DW and Mike & Michelle sick, Blogasm showing a blank page and Vikki all but absent… the sexual blogscape has been looking less than juicy and sexy and fun of late.

I thank all of you who contributed ideas for my about page, which I do hope to work on soon, honest.

I was so excited to find out that the alt.sex.stories website makes all of its text files available in Palm Reader format. Nothing naughtier than riding to work while reading some extremely sexy stories. I love getting aroused like that in public, with no one the wiser – lets me entertain my fantasy of being pulled into a dark corner of a subway station and taken, roughly, grinding up against one another….

More soon. You have my word on it.

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  • Enjoy your site, Vikki, and would love to spend an evening whispering suggestions to you, listening to you moan as I rub your shoulders and kiss your neck. Maybe you giggle and gasp as I massage your feet. It would be fun to find out. Keep writing, because I enjoy reading your thoughts and stories. Thanks!

  • Naw, at that point I wasn’t sick anymore– we were shut down because of a hurricane. But we’re back now and hope you’re doin fine yourself.

  • I have read some of your blog and I find it interesting that you could post that to such extremity… YOu need to put in a guest book here somewhere so that you can see who is peeking in on you from time to time…

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