the ultimate fantasy gift?


Stopped in to Sexilicious for my weekly dose, and ran across an article that piqued my interest about the Ultimate Fantasy Gift from Victoria’s Secret.
Well, I had to go and take a look, didn’t I?
First of all, the idea of spending 15 MILLION dollars (US, no less… which is like 25 million up here in Canada) on a bra and panty set seems a little extravagant even for me… and no one could ever accuse me of not liking things on a champagne budget.
Yeah, you read that right. Fifteen million dollars. Don’t believe me? Go take a look.
The entire set is made out of jewels. Over 300 carats’ worth of Thai rubies, to be exact, mixed in with some semi-precious stones and diamonds.
Looking at this set, many questions come to mind:

    Can you imagine taking out insurance on your bra and panties? How would you explain this to the insurance guy?
    As the article on Sexilicious asks, how on earth do you WASH this set? I’m betting “Forever New” never had this in mind when they made their lingerie wash.
    Even if you could bear to cover it up, how would you find a dress that didn’t snag against the jewels?
    Can you imagine what your profile would look like in this, clothed? People might think you’re a leper – all those bumps and crannies instead of a nice smooth bustline!
    In the name of good hygiene: the web site states the bra and panty set are one-of-a-kind. But that other model has already worn the panties! Ewww.

You know, even if I did know a man rich and generous enough to buy such a thing, I’ve got to say there are SO many better things he could buy me with 15 million dollars. Hell, I’d even take the cash.

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