all those in love with the penis, say aye!


It all began with The Book of the Penis (written by Maggie Paley). While doing some online shopping, I ran across this book, which Dan Savage (Savage Love) said “should be required reading for anyone who has a penis, wants a penis, or loves someone who has or wants a penis”. Well, I certainly fit into that group! It’s a little bit of everything you ever wanted to know about the penis. I want this book. Sometimes I get a little quirky like that – if I can’t have one right now, okay, okay, I’ll just read about it. 🙂
Got me thinking about other penis-centric resources online. What would my little mouse and I be able to find?
First stop: What a charming site. All kinds of info on size, shape, circumcision, enlargement, condoms, masturbation and much, much more. A virtual feast of penis information.
Next stop: Images of Size. If you’ve ever been curious about the varied sizes and shapes available but unwilling to do your shopping in person, this is a great little gallery. Hundreds of images of all kinds of penii. You need AdultCheck to get into the real goodies though.
Getting more personal: All About My Penis. It’s a detailed and intimate look at all different aspects of one man’s penis – from size, to libido and arousal, to all types of sexual behavior (with partners and without), and a great little humour area as well. Bravo to the man brave enough to put all this out there.
Not to leave women in the cold, as it were: Both Images of Size and All About My Penis have female counterpart sites. The Secret Joy of Woman has hundreds of clit and vagina pictures (you should SEE the size of one of these clits – it’s almost the size of one of the smaller penises from the men’s site!) but again, you’ll need AdultCheck to really enjoy the experience. And finally, All About My Vagina is the female version of All About My Penis, with even more detailed information available – one woman’s account of her vagina, from orgasms to fur to dryness to smell and more topics, frankly, than you’d ever come up with on your own. Bravo to her bravery.
Check these sites out. They should keep you entertained for quite some time.

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