bored for the holidays? try this


Missionary style just not cutting it for you anymore? Try Sexual Positions Free.
Cute site, I had some fun looking through it. Some of these looked very familiar, some just painful or radically awkward.
What positions do you like?
For me, I do love doggy style (I think I’ve mentioned this before). It’s a very deep penetration and really an ideal position for real “fucking”. It also provides great access to the clit for either the man or the woman to play with, but frankly I prefer the man’s hands on my ass as he pushes into me from behind.But when I have greater affection or love for the person, I also enjoy more intimate positions. Call me a wild and outlandish traditionalist (can those words really go together?) but I love missionary style, with my legs wrapped around his waist. Could be because I love long, slow kisses while having sex, and this is one of the best positions to achieve those kisses. It’s also because that position allows me to wrap myself around him, arms and legs both. It’s just the most intimate position there is.
I also enjoy woman on top, though I enjoy it more if I’m leaning over him or pressed body-to-body. Even after all these years, I’m a little self-conscious about leaning back and my entire body being on display. No matter what you do, years of poor body self-image can rub off on a person I guess.
Spooning is something I’d like to try more of – I haven’t really tried this position very often. But it looks fun.
Sitting at my desk typing this, I’m peeking out of the corner of my eye at a single delicate red rose. It was a gift from the Muse a few days ago. It squeezes my heart to look at it.
Exchanged gifts with Bast over the weekend, and true to form, she’s delighted me with a new sensual gift – my very own riding crop. There’s nothing better than friends who give sex toys as gifts. Well, other than friends who give sex as gifts, but Bast and I don’t swing that way. 🙂
I’m off tomorrow morning to visit my parents for the holidays. Ugh. That may be horrible of me to say, but dysfunctional families have that effect on me. Especially my own. The good news is that when I get back to the city I fully intend to treat myself to a sensual shopping spree – a new toy or two, maybe some lingerie, who knows what else. It will be the promise of that shopping spree that will get me through the next few days.
Happy holidays to all my readers – go snuggle up with someone you lust for!

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