shopping extravaganza, continued


First, let me report back about the “Slim Line Massager” vibrator I picked up yesterday. Yay me! 🙂 I think we can safely say I like it. The porno got a little better, too, near the end… or maybe that was just because I was imagining dark eyes watching me as I slid my new toy in and out.
I promised to update on the books I picked up yesterday. Thanks to a batch of Chapters gift certificates (thanks Mom) I got a bundle of books.
First book: The Guide to Getting it On. Now, normally my response to this would be something like “I need another guide to sex like I need another hole in the head”. But I was very very impressed by their sample chapter online, The Zen of Finger Fucking, and have heard nothing but good reviews about the book. So I picked it up – ostensibly to do a review, but maybe I’ll find some new ideas within. You never know.
Also picked up Maggie Paley’s Book of the Penis, which looks like a great deal of fun. It’s a total historical and social look at the penis. I’ve said it before: if I can’t have one right now, I might as well read about it! <grin>
Other finds included Real Live Nude Girl by Carole Queen, a very sex-positive look at all different kinds of sex. Also Woman: An Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier, which according to Libida is “An exuberant celebration of the female body, blending scientific fact, evolutionary theory and personal anecdote.” Sounds like fun. And finally, picked up a new XLibris smut book. Don’t recall the name.
In all, yesterday was a GREAT and fun shopping trip (and I’m normally not a big fan of shopping). Can’t wait to try out those new bondage cuffs…

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