can you become a sex store shopaholic?


Bast and I hit the city’s sex shops today with a vengeance, and saw SO many things we’d like to get. I tried diligently to take it easy on my debit card. I had moderate success with this. It’s just that there’s so much fun stuff out there! It’s hard to keep my hands and pocketbook away…
New purchases: a good leather blindfold to complement the bondage set I’ve put together. I also ended up selling the bondage set I bought this week to Bast, and picking myself up a proper set with four cuffs and two tethers, as it should be… <grin>
I also picked up three new books – a collection of erotica about bondage, Consensual Sadomasochism (OK so I’m curious!) and a book about women and pornography.
Lastly, Bast and I rented some porn in our never-ending quest for quality porn. We watched one tonight called Shane’s World Volume II. It was a little better – at least you could tell the women were really having orgasms – but I’ve got to say, the cum shot at the end of each scene just does nothing for me. Now, don’t get me wrong – I love to swallow. But watching men cum all over the women’s mouths and chins…. just not getting me juiced up. I’ve been told that men are very aroused by this shot – I wish I knew why!
One excellent scene was a series of “instructions” to men on how to arouse a woman, how to touch her pussy, and how to lick her properly… Excellent. And since the “course” was given by women, it was utterly believable and right-on the money.
Now, of course, after all this shopping and thinking and porn watching, I’m in a rather squirmy state. Wonder if I have a toy quiet enough to not wake up Bast (she’s sleeping in the next room)?

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