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Spurred by my recent thinking, I decided to visit Northbound today. Oh, it’s such a candy store in there for me. In my fantasies, I’ll go one day hand in hand with a very devious man who has money to spend there, and he’ll let me pick out the implements and restraints that make my insides clench the most. In reality, my shopping companion was content to simply watch my kid-in-a-candy-store reactions to everything leather and metal and yum.

But I digress. About the shopping. Leather skirts. Oh yum. And leather garters, yum even more. A deliciously far-too-short skirt that comes with hoops and garters. I didn’t really see any shirts that inspired but really, these things would be just as fun worn with a sexy black bra, something that pushes me up and makes a man want to bury his face in between.

And the implements. Oh, my. Let me tell you about those implements. I got to see their riding crop close up and it’s even more delicious in person. Buttery soft leather tongue. Sexy metal cap at the top of the handle.

There was a spanking bench thingy that had so many possibilities my poor little mind was spinning just looking at it. I could see myself, leaning over it, strapped in at wrist and ankle, naked bottom turned upwards, offering it for pleasure or punishment.

Their floggers were also beautiful, traditional black leather with braided handles. A few more daring and interesting ones featured a chrome dildo for a handle. Hmm. 🙂

And sexy black leather paddles. And a round wooden one made of cherry, how yummy. My naughty bits were pulsing just looking at it all.

Sadly, what’s the point of buying them for myself? I shall have to wait until I have a devious man to wield them.

Frustrated, I tripped across the street to the three-storey sex shop and picked up a new vibe (it’s a bullet that looks like a cock – albeit a small one). A short test run tonight confirms that it’s a lovely vibe, and has a couple of speeds far too intense for sober play but might just work when I’m feeling rather tipsy and a little numb.

After my lovely pulsing moaning orgasm, I found my fingers rubbing over the head of the “cock”, turning it around to run the “sweet spot” the manufacturers kindly included in the design. That part of a man’s anatomy is just perfectly shaped for a teasing thumb, rubbing over it in small circles while my fingers wrap around the shaft. Or for a tongue, flicking and stroking over it. It has always fascinated me, that great little bit where cock meets shaft. I could lick it for hours, rub it, play with it and watch his reactions.

Playing with my new little cock reminded me how very long it’s been since I’ve held something shaped like that in my hands. The metal was warm between my fingers, but unyielding, not like the supple skin of a Real Live Cock.

Whew. Warm in here, or is it just me?

I also picked up, finally, a copy of The Fashionistas on DVD. I’ve watched a couple of scenes, but not much, yet – I’ll write a report once I’ve seen it all.

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