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I noticed that SpankBoss was kind enough to link to both my recent post on spanking and the he said/she said spanking story I’ve been posting over the last several days. So, hello and welcome to visitors coming here via Spanking Blog!

(It is dangerously arousing to me to think of the number of things a man named SpankBoss might know how to do… but I digress.)

I realized today that a great deal of what I like about spanking – that I forgot to mention in my post about it – is its ritualistic nature. The schoolgirl and the headmaster. Priest and penitent. Naughty little girl and father figure. Being punished in the sexiest way imaginable for naughty, dirty, lascivious thoughts and acts by someone bigger and stronger than you.

Argh. How archetypal have I become? And this from a woman who used to identify (still do, really) as a feminist. 🙂

Moving on…

I’ve posted part five of Spanking tonight. It’s really starting to heat up now, and I hope you’re all enjoying it. Read part five… or start at the beginning.

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