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Bacchus (back at last from his stint sucking pomegranate seeds from the navel of a nubile princess) writes about used sex toys and asks:

Seriously, if I met another lady who wanted to play that way, wouldn’t it freak her out to be tied up with lightly used cuffs? Lightly used, that is, by the ex girlfriend? They’re clean and they don’t smell, but still. I am not wise in the ways of women, but my spidey sense is giving me hell over the idea. Possibly not the smartest move, Lothario.

I can only speak for myself, but I think there are different degrees of used. Tends to depend on where they were used and on whom, and how porous (and expensive) they are. For example, I’m less likely to balk at pre-used leather cuffs than pre-used rope, ’cause it’s cheaper, I mean, come on, buy some new rope already. But cuffs – well, I can’t very well expect anyone to go out and buy a new set of leather cuffs and floggers and riding crops and… well, I digress. Anyway, the more he has invested in his “collection”, the less realistic it is for him to have to replace it for every new partner.

The exceptions to this rule are a) anything inserted in a partner should ALWAYS be replaced, in my opinion, or b) blindfolds. The latter because I played with a man once who had a lovely leather blindfold but the inside part was made of white foam to protect the eyes. We were in scene, and he brought the blindfold up to my eyes, and I could see that despite his obvious scrubbing, the white foam still had mascara on it from a previous play partner. I couldn’t help it. I recoiled.

Basically, you don’t want to remind the lady you’re about to play with that there have been other ladies in the exact same position. Sure, intellectually, we know you’re not a virgin, but there’s a world of difference between that and a close-up and personal reminder right in the thick of hot and heavy sex, if ya know what I mean.

But honestly, to get back to Bacchus’ particular dilemma, what are we talking about here, maybe 30 bucks worth of cheap cuffs? I say we start a fund for the horny young man and get him a nice permanent set of leather ones from J.T.’s stockroom. Any takers? 🙂

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  • Don’t see where the problem comes in. After all, and important part of using toys is enticing into the sex shop and making her choose her instrument of pleasure (or torture). You might need to let her leave the shop while go to the check out and pay for the largest vibe on the rack or whatever. But make her carry it home…..

  • I couldn’t agree more…don’t be intimidated, rather be excited that she is comfortable enough to let loose and show you her deepest desires and trust you to experience this intimate experience. Let her show you the animal inside her and hold on for the ride.

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