on spanking (redux)


Along these same lines, I’ve been involved in writing my very first piece of collaborative fiction, with a lovely sexy man named Arcturus.

It’s sort of a he said/she said thing, and I had great fun trying out this new style of writing (although, as you’ll read, he’s far more prolific than I. Damned writers!). I hope all of you enjoy it as well.

It’s actually a longer piece inspired by First Time, a piece I wrote a few years ago. Until now, that was the only story I’d ever written about spanking, but given how much I enjoyed this – well, you may just see more of it from me in the months to come!

It’s 11 parts long – I’ve posted the first bit tonight, and will add a new part to the story every night until it’s done.

Read part one of Spanking…


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