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Do you ever wake up disappointed?

I had such a lovely dream last night… soft slow wet kisses, softer moans. His heat and power behind me. Feeling his fingers slide down my belly to my thighs, pulling them apart, further and further. Spreading me for him. His fingers tangling between my legs. Soft wet slow brushes of just barelythere fingertips while I buried my face in his neck. Shuddering moaning and pushing against something hard knowing it’s just moments before he buries himself in me all deep and firm, filling me.

And then I woke up. Grr.

I’ve posted part six of Spanking tonight. Read part six… or start at the beginning.

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Vikki McKay


  • A while back I woke up from the very sweet and pleasant dream of kissing the wife of a friend. Not somebody I had ever thought twice about, or even once – “she’s MARRIED, do you hear me little head?” — but now when I see her I smile just a little bit bigger.

  • I just want a woman who cares, is honest, is reliable, is and romantic. And loves me as I will love her. Sometimes I think this will not happen again…but hope conquers and I feel it will happen…but this time forever..Tyler

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