outrageous flirting, redux


I’ve talked before about my smart-ass nature, and how there’s just this part of me that hopes that some day some man will have had enough of my smart mouth and either back me into a wall and kiss the living daylights out of me or pull me over his lap and give my tush a nice firm spanking.

Ran across a quote tonight from Taken in Hand (found via Spanking Blog) that seems to sum up why I can never expect this to happen:

That men are impatient is well known. From sex to shopping trips, women are often heard to complain about how little patience men exhibit.

What baffles a woman is the tolerance with which an otherwise often impatient man endures her womanly wiles. It is a curious behavior that women find to be at least as baffling – if not altogether as maddening – as the better-known penchant of males to be impatient.

The failure of a man to spank a provocative woman in a timely manner is but the reverse side of men’s impatience in that men also often give too little too late. In this regard, there is a recurring theme in which a man – almost as living out his own Greek tragedy – discovers the secret too late.

Of course, in my little fantasy, there’s a great deal that happens after the rough kiss or the spanking, and in both scenarios it has something to do with my naughty self rubbing up against something quite hard…

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