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Have you ever been to a fetish night or a BDSM club? Here in Toronto, as far as I know, there are no outright BDSM clubs the way there are in Seattle (The Wet Spot), which I hear so much about from reading Jane and Peter’s diaries.
We do have fetish nights though on occasion, sponsored by different clubs or shops. Northbound runs the biggest one, from what I can tell. They “rent” a huge three-floor dance club for the night. There’s dancing, an entire floor devoted to play, etc. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intrigued.
Would I play in public? That I’m not sure about. But it would be fascinating to see others play. I’m still so very new to this whole scene that I find I’m irresistibly drawn to the idea.
Being openly submissive in public also intrigues me. In front of one person is one thing, but in public is another. I’m a pretty independent little cuss in real life, and it would be a huge twist to switch that around publicly. (It’s also quite a mind-bender to switch around in private, but I do find it a tremendous turn-on). There’s also the theatric side to the whole thing. Dressing in leather and/or PVC. Yum. How could that be bad?
But in the end, I think the thing that intrigues the most is the idea of walking into a place that understands the weird little nooks and crannies of my mind. Meeting people with like interests. Learning and experiencing and having fun at the same time.
And admitting in public that I’m a very naughty girl with very naughty thoughts sometimes… <grin>

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