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After an incredible span of working way too many hours, I’m finally nearing a point where I can resume the bits and pieces of my social life. This weekend was a good start; Bast and I decided to satisfy our curiousity and rent some gay male porn.
To say we enjoyed it would be putting it mildly. The damn thing got both of us worked up so much we actually discussed sleeping in separate rooms just so we could give our toys a workout.
There are some fundamental differences between straight porn and gay porn, at least based on our meagre experience. And the differences are what make it so arousing – not just that it’s men touching men, it’s the clear distinction between the two types that got us revved up as well.
1. It’s just more real – Men have a pretty hard time faking arousal and orgasm. The physical evidence, so to speak, is right out there for the world to see. Being women, Bast and I know how very easy it is for women to “fake” it – in a porno or otherwise – and believe me when I say the vast majority of porn we’ve seen with women is far from the realities of arousal and orgasm. Not so in the films we rented. These men were hard, horny, and went for it.
2. Technique – I’ll admit here that I was worried about oral technique. Would these guys “blow” me out of the water – so to speak – when it comes to giving head? I mean, after all, men must know far better than I how to make a cock scream with pleasure. But nothing much was new here. Which relieved me even as it disappointed me (I was hoping to pick up a few more oral tips). I did notice that when men jerk themselves off, they don’t use their whole hand – just two or three fingers on the underside, and the thumb on the topside of their cock. And I didn’t see one of them – not one – touch the head while they were coming. Good to know. (Thanks for the tip, boys!)
3. They’ll show things here you just don’t see elsewhere – Very rarely in straight porn do you see either the man or the woman touching themselves, jerking off, while their partner is doing other things to their body. But it was everywhere here. Men giving blowjobs would also stroke themselves. When they were fucking, the “fuckee” (so to speak) would be jerking himself like crazy. And since I just love watching men masturbate, this is a Good Thing. They also weren’t afraid to show the actors without an erection. In almost every scene, when the anal sex began, the “fuckee” (sorry – can you think of a better term? – grin) would without fail lose his erection for a period of a few minutes. It was OK – they kept going, the erection would reappear, and they’d both come (and come and come and come – I’ve never SEEN men come so much or for so long!) with a gusto. Now when was the last time you saw a man in a straight porn lose his erection – or at least, when would they have allowed that on camera?
4. Now we know where the beautiful men are – Let’s face it, while the prerequisite for a woman to get into a porn is a gorgeous body, perfect face, and way overdone hair, the men in straight porn are not exactly the most beautiful. I’ve seen men as old as fifty balling gorgeous blond nymphettes. Paunch and all. But every single man in these movies – I mean every single one – was drop-dead gorgeous. At least now we know where all the beautiful men go when they get into porn – they’re fucking other men. Could it be that the women are gorgeous and the men decidedly average in straight porn because beautiful men would be threatening to straight guys? Perhaps it’s easier to indulge their fantasies if they (who themselves are likely average) see average guys getting these incredible-looking women?
5. Absence of the money shot – Okay, yes, you still got to see every man shooting his load – but not once – and I do mean NOT ONCE – did these men spray their cum all over their partners’ faces. No cum up the nose. No cum dripping off a masculine chin. They came on stomachs, thighs, chests (about half the time on their own bodies, the other half on their partners) but no faces. Could it be that only women are good enough – and yes I’m being quite facetious here – to have cum dribbled onto their cheeks, up their nose, and off their chins? I found myself enjoying the cum shots more and more – being aroused by them, in fact – in these films. I didn’t think about it till later, but I’m willing to wager it was the fact that not one man got a face-job, so to speak.
So it’s decided. We’re hooked. 🙂

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  • I’m not gay but I can only assume that gay men have an unwritten rule: “Don’t cum on my face”. Women may not like this either, but some heterosexual men love the visual of cum on a woman’s face. Some women actually enjoy the decadence of it, others see it as a humiliation. In my opinion, the ‘money shot’ in film or in real life is a visual image of the orgasm itself. Women cannot usually generate such an image.

  • I’m not into porn or anything. Personally, I find it degrading and disrespectful towards women. But I have seen some porn and I can say they do over exagerate a woman’s orgasm. But majority of men are so stupid and shallow that they think all women are like that. I think porn ruins a man’s mind about women. And makes them get to the point that they can’t respect women, b/c the women in porn are all horny and fake, and men get so turned on by them that they think all women are sluts and that we all got to look like that. I can go on and on about porn and how disgusting it is. But I never seen a gay porn and it sounds very intriguing (sP) how you described the gay men. And you are right, most beautiful gorgegous men are gay. Why is that? LOL! I might have to check out men getting on with each other just out of curiousity.

  • I agree with everything you said! I’m so glad I’m not the only straight woman getting unbelievably turned on by well-made gay male porn. I’m looking to subscribe to a website that will allow me access to the best of this stuff on-line. What do you recommend? – Many thanks, Carolyn A.

  • personally im not into any kind of porn, but ja, gay porn can tickkle one’s deepest desires, the put so much passion into these gay photo’s and videos these days that one cannot help to just want to explode.

  • Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. It’s more about the people than about the sex. In my opinion, well made gay-sex porn is the porn where real people who either really care, or are getting there have sex.
    I agree with Gina, straight porn is just ‘fuck me, I’m a dirty whore. Fuck me everywhere, put everything you want on me, I’m yours’ Ick.
    I’d love to know what movies you got. ;D

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