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Finally, after a loooong dry spell, I’ve added two new stories to the site. The first, Naughty Note, was just a little bit of fluff, partly written nearly a year ago when exchanging some naughty emails with a nice gentleman who also writes erotica. No, that’s not his email… it was completely made up. But the rest of the story is pretty similar to my response to him. You’ll notice the story’s age because I mention my favourite toy is a blue jelly vibe – obviously, this story was written in the days before I discovered my bullets. <grin>
The second story, Submission is episode one of a new series I’m going to work on, exploring my feelings toward D&S, and submission in particular. You won’t find much here from the dom’s point of view – given that I find it difficult to imagine how they think – so it will largely be focused on the sub’s point of view.
Next, my little site was reviewed by Jane’s Guide just yesterday. Hello to all Jane’s Guide visitors! The review was very nice, and reads: “This site is your chance to listen in while a woman explores and reexamines her sexuality. The author keeps a diary, writes short stories and essays about her changing views of her sex life. Very well done and refreshing.” I feel a little bit like Sally Fields. “They like me! They really, really like me!”
Enjoy the stories…

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