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Ananova recently reported that a sex shop in Switzerland will be closed to male customers one day a week, to allow their female visitors the chance to shop for their sex toys in relative privacy without having to endure the glances and drool (read: sturm und drang) of men.
Not a bad idea, I’ve gotta say. There have been many times I’ve walked into Seduction on Yonge Street and wished there were only females in the place. Somehow, the men who work there are even creepier. There are usually four or five men scattered around the big main floor, obviously working (well, they don’t seem to be checking out the merchandise, at least) and they always seem to follow your with their eyes, no matter where you go. Always made me wonder – are they watching that closely to make sure I don’t steal anything, or are they wondering if I’ll get so turned on looking at the toys I’ll have to slip one from its case and insert it in me right then and there? Soooo, yeah, I think the all-female shopping day isn’t necessarily a Bad Thing.
Ran across (again, I’d found it a few months ago, failed to bookmark it) a tremendous site in the form of In Search of Sin. Two wild and crazy ladies (and oh, how I wish I lived in Vancouver to join them!) come up with a theme every month – Power Trips, Sensory Indulgence, Geek Night, Slut Night. They do their research – with Power Trips they rented Basic Instinct and learned how to be as powerful as Catherine Tremell – and then they hit the town to explore and experience their theme. It’s hard to explain. Go. Take a look. Suffice it to say these ladies have big Fun while putting together their stuff for the site, and I’m actively jealous! 🙂
Lastly, I’m finally coming to grips with the fact that I get turned on by gay male porn. At first I thought it was just a natural by-product to surfing porn on the web – if you’re a lady and you like looking at men, you’re going to have to wade through an awful lot of gay male porn. Not too much out there aimed at women. I gave it a lot of thought, and threw in a little research to be sure. I’m coming out of the closet – so to speak – to admit that yep, watching two men get it on (particularly when both are rugged and built) is a huge turn-on. Especially the blowjobs.No, I’m serious. Watching one man give another head (well, in pictures and teensy little video anyway – I’m gonna rent a real tape soon and let you know how it works out) is hugely exciting. If you read this regularly, you already know how much I love to give head. But another man knows far better than I how to treat a hard cock, since he has one himself. So watching is educational. It’s also incredibly erotic.I’m sharing all this because in my “research”, I came across a great gay male site, very well done. Gorgeous pictures, good stories, yumm. It’s called Nightcharm. The men are… yumm. And if you’re like me, in the closet (or even not in the closet) about liking gay porn, I think you’ll enjoy the site. No popups. No 2″ high red and green and purple text.
Come on, I couldn’t possibly be the only woman in the world who likes this stuff?

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