the business trip, part 2


I watch your eyes flare, your breathing change subtly as my finger moves over you. As my words work on you. The look in your eyes tells me that you want nothing more than to drag me out of this bar to someplace with a door to close on the world and a bed on which to lay me down.

I want that too. So much my nipples are pebbles against the soft knit of my t-shirt. I want your mouth there. Lips and tongue and teeth.

But waiting can be so much better.

We’ve waited this long, after all.

What’s a little while longer?

The deejay changes tempo, starts to crank it up a little as the night gets busier and inhibitions get looser. It’s a lovely beat, lots of bass, heavy and strong, like the beat between my thighs.
I smile and close my eyes briefly and let the music work on me.

I feel you watching me as my hips start to move a little. As I turn myself on even more with my thoughts and the beat and the feel of your thighs on either side of me.

My eyes open and I smile slowly; will you dance with me?

I can actually see you swallow. You want this. I know. But you’re also unsure of how much teasing you can take, after all this time, after all this waiting. You nod.

I slide my fingers between yours and guide you out to the dance floor. There’s a lovely back corner I have my eye on. I lead you there, and turn to you, my hips already swaying to the beat.

You can’t seem to take your eyes off me. You’re fascinated by the way my smile deepens with every beat, as though the music itself is fingering me. And that’s exactly how I feel.

I move closer to you, close enough to brush my nipples against your chest. I take your hands in mine, moving them out to either side while our bodies shimmy closer to one another. The next dip of my hips, and I can feel you against me.

You’re so hard. God. You’re pushing up against the softness of my belly. It makes me moan a little in your ear.

Our hands are still joined. I raise them higher, over my head, pushing myself into you. I need the sweet friction. I need it more than I can say.

Your smile is dark. You move our hands down, out, and before I realize it, behind me. You push our hands into the small of my back, making me arch against you.

I can’t move my arms. You’re holding them too tightly. God.

I whimper against you. You’re driving me crazy. Hot cock rubbing up against me. Iron grip at my back. I lift my lips to your ear.

“Please. God. Please.”

You look down at me and smile. You know exactly what you’re doing to me.

And you slowly, methodically, fit your lips to mine. Rubbing. Everything in my body tightens as you do it.

Your lips are so warm, so soft, I can picture them everywhere. They pluck at my lips, sliding over them over and over until my mouth is open, vulnerable, waiting for any caress you want to give. My eyes are closed. I want you. Please.

The first foray of your tongue makes me gasp a little. I’ve wanted it for so long. Slick and hot and gentle and needy all at once.

I match your need. Your gentleness. Our tongues sliding together.

You taste better than I could have ever imagined.

The music shifts again, something lazier, something darker, a hint of reggae. You release my mouth and I’m gasping. Your cock is a hard bar against me. I can almost feel its heartbeat.

You slowly loosen your grip on my hands. I can see what’s next in your eyes. You want to drag me out of here.

I’m not done yet.

I slowly turn from you, moving my hips lazily to the beat.

Digging in.

Rubbing my ass against you.

I feel you stiffen behind me. In so many ways. You’re so hard against the softness of my ass that it makes me clench and squirm a little against you.

I start moving. Tight little circles. Designed to drive you crazy. Your hands on my hips. They dig in a little with your arousal. Your lips move to my ear. I think you’re going to say something.

Your tongue, instead, flicking. Moving down to my neck.

Oh, God, no. Not the neck.

You maneuver me forward with your hips until I’m pressed against the back wall. You push against me again and again, mouth exploring my neck, cock pushing against my ass.

Every nerve in my body is singing. I’m moaning against the wall.

I turn my head, moving my body slightly so I can whisper in your ear.

“Let’s go back to my hotel.”

You look in my eyes and I look in yours and we know this is the moment of no return.

Any doubts you may have had scatter to the wind when I grab your left hand, dragging it up from my hip, rubbing your thumb over my raised nipple.

“Please.” I whisper. I’m nearly begging.

You nod and take my hand and lead me from the dance floor as though demons were pursuing us.

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