laughter is the best medicine


We all get too serious about ourselves sometimes. I’m an offender, just as bad (if not worse) than your average Jill. But laughter has also saved me in times of stress or emotional upheaval. I’m naturally a smart-ass, as some of you may have guessed already. This facet instrinsic to my nature just comes out, bubbles to the surface when I’m getting too stressed, or too upset. I laughed the day my husband and I separated. I laughed and cried into my cell phone the day I stood in the next room from my grandmother’s deathbed. Laughter has helped me through the worst of times.
But I also find myself laughing with friends, laughing alone in my apartment, laughing even during the most intimate moments with my lovers. In these settings, laughter is an expression of joy, a rueful acceptance that I am human and fallible, or even a wondrous combination of both. Laughter is also a celebration of the best of times.
And laughter in our most intimate moments can be wonderful.
I guess that’s why I like Hoot Island so much. It’s a wonderful combination of joy, sex, and our own very human foibles. It says that sex doesn’t always have to be a driving, serious force in our lives. It says that it doesn’t always have to be sweet and soft and slow and romantic either. Sometimes it can be silly, just like us. I think that’s one of the best messages I can think of for a positive outlook on sexuality.
Case in point: 50 things to do to an imprisoned lover. This list of tips is a wonderful medley of things that make you say

    oh, I’d never do that but how hilarioushow silly and fun, I wonder if that would work?that’s so damn mean it’s funny, and evenoh, yum, I’d love it if someone did that to me!

Read the list, add to it your own ideas, try it out with a partner every once in a while. Remind yourself that sex can be messy and funny and silly and awkward at times, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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