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When laws become ridiculous, they’re repealed. Or at least, they should be. Case in point: in Arizona, it’s still against the law to have oral sex, anal sex, or (even more ridiculous) any non-procreational sex act. Hmm. Instead of removing these items from the books, the politicians down there are saying it would cost too much to have the law repealed. Or somesuch. Read the whole story if you want. Point is, there are lots of states and provinces in North America who still have ridiculous laws when it comes to sex. Why, why, why? How can we possibly become an evolved society if our laws are 100 years behind our practices?
Is it me, or are we beginning to see a radical swing back(wards) toward puritanical thoughts and beliefs? I’d like to think it doesn’t have anything to do with the newest US president, partly because I just hate it when politics mixes in with my sexual thoughts (kills the mood) but gosh, it’s starting to look that way.
First, Bush declares that there will be no more mainstream Hollywood smut played on Air Force One. Which I find hilarious. Edited films. Maybe they’ll get edited copies from that place in Utah I wrote about a few months ago. Here I thought that governments were supposed to be of the people and by the people… meaning that they represent the people, in all their varied and multicolour splendour. Seems to me that Mssr. Bush is instead trying to be like the clergy – holier than the people they represent. Holier-than-thou indeed.Next, in the NYC’s Kennedy airport, construction workers complained about a new piece of artwork that depicted Jesus, on the cross, naked. The artist actually had to go in and paint a loincloth on her artwork in order to keep the peace.
Other items include crackdowns on Internet porn in Indiana libraries and funding cuts to Pennsylvania State University’s budget because they ran Cuntfest last year.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Politics and sex should not damn well mix!

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