It’s hilarious. Moving. Touching. Discomforting. There were times I laughed so hard my sides hurt, and other times the stories moved me to tears. Some of the sad facts peppered throughout the monologues left the entire audience still, in silent acceptance that the world we live in is not always a sex-positive and friendly place to be.

When I first heard about The Vagina Monologues, I skeptical. I had no idea what it would be about – man bashing, perhaps. A collective moan about our lowly status as women. Or worse, a collection of half-jokes, half-truths that would only serve to make women more uncomfortable about that space between their legs.
But I went anyway. Judge lest ye be judged.
What is The Vagina Monologues? Still tough to describe, even after I’ve seen it. It’s based on a book by Eve Ensler, and it’s a collection of stories and comments and facts from over 200 women interviewed. All encouraged to talk about their vaginas.

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