fingering 101

No news to anyone who’s been reading this diary for a while that I love fingers. Love isn’t even really the right word – I worship it. It is, bar none, the sexiest thing ever invented (to me) and it can be done in so many different ways and places that it’s just… ummmm. 🙂
So when I ran across this great pussy fingering how-to, I thought I’d share. I would agree 100% with most of the stuff in this article, and to it I would add the following:
There is a difference between men and women, and between masturbating for yourself and being masturbated by a partner. Guys, while I know you like to be teased, I also know that for a lot of you, it’s all about grip and pressure and firm strokes. Not so for the ladies, although many women will masturbate themselves this way. When you’re touching your lady with your fingers, try a lighter touch. In fact, start with the lightest touch you can possibly imagine (think of how you would touch a newborn baby’s hand) and work up from there. She’ll let you know when you’ve hit the right pressure. For me, that baby’s touch (coupled with a shit-eating grin and perhaps a teasing withdrawal or two) is all that’s needed to send me into oblivion. In fact, my most intense orgasms usually come from those super-light touches.
And for my other obsession, here’s another link to share for my female visitors: Blowjobs.
I really like the site. Well done!