10 things about a shaved pussy

1. Mentholated shaving cream is very, very tingly on your nether bits.

2. If your partner is shaving you, it requires a level of intensity, concentration and observation that is absolutely surreal. They will know you better than you know yourself down there when it’s all over.

3. Shaving “with the grain” reduces red bumps. Who knew.

4. When you get wet, you now get wet. All over.

5. It’s like having a new toy to play with. For both of you.

6. Jeans and no panties, in a word: chafing.

7. Wearing your hair in pigtails on the weekend takes on a whole new meaning. Kinky.

8. Yes. It does itch. But it’s not bad.

9. Awareness and sensitivity increase, making you feel very naughty just walking down the street. “I know something you don’t know!”

10. Oral sex. Oh. My. God.