naughty note

I’d never received a naughty note at work before. The combination of my tight jeans, your words and my imagination had kept me at a pretty high level of arousal the entire day. My panties were decidedly… damp, when I finally peeled them off and went to the washroom to clean up a little.

Dear Vikki,
It occurred to me today, sitting at my desk here at work, that although you’ve told me (in great, enjoyable detail!) how much you love to suck cock, I’ve never really had the chance to tell you about MY passion.
There is nothing on earth more beautiful and erotic than a woman when she’s aroused, when her entire body is covered with a fine sheen of sweat and every muscle is tight, moaning and thrashing her way to orgasm.

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everything’s coming up origami

Ah, Australians. You gotta love ’em.Found a site a while back called Puppetry of the Penis, and thought I’d shared it with all of you, but I can’t find the entry. So if I missed it, my apologies. You missed an amusing site.
Two Australian men, just as bold and brash as can be, have studied the gentle (?) art of genital origami and taken their show on the road, so to speak.Yeah, you read that right. Their entertainment – their talent, in beauty pageant parlance – is standing naked in front of crowds of people and molding their most vulnerable parts into shapes as wild and varied as Kentucky Fried Chicken, The Eiffel Tower, The Loch Ness Monster, and The Olympic Flame.
Turns out they’ve hit my home town, Toronto, with a vengeance. There’s a review in the Star, and I just got my flyers in the mail (presumably, because I’ve expressed interest in other wild things like this before, hm?).
I have to admit I’m intrigued. If I have time (and cash!) once I get back from my big trip to the City by the Bay, I will have to check it out.
Ah, Australians. 🙂


I’m good at a great many things. I’m not going to list them here like a braggart’s list, but I know them. This is enough.
Have you ever found yourself wondering if you’re any good at relationships? It’s a question I’ve found I’m asking myself more and more often as time goes by. There seem to be so many questions, and so few answers, love and sex and more all wrapped up with ambivalence and heavy thinking and an inability to relax and just go with it, for goodness sake.
Salon carries an article this week that seems to hit the nail on the head. It’s a confusing little piece, a mystery wrapped in an enigma as a friend of mine might say, but I can relate. Oh, how I can relate.Sex is so easy to understand. It’s messy and hot, with dynamics and undercurrents but in the end it’s just about lips, mouths, body parts rubbing and mingling, laughter and tears and and intensity. And this type of intensity I understand.Relationships are an entirely different animal. They’re still about two people rubbing and mingling, laughter and tears and intensity, but the parts that are interacting are bigger and more confusing and less clearly delineated, at least for me. They make me go up inside my head and think, because I don’t always react the way I think I should be reacting, or feel the way I think I should be feeling. While I know that every relationship is different, the differences haunt me and snap against my brain and make me question things.
I don’t think I’m very good at relationships. I just don’t know how to do them, not anymore, and I know that makes me damaged. I have thrown away more good men this year than I ever thought possible, because I don’t know how else to do it.
A friend of mine made a joke recently that if I’m not careful I may end up a 45-year old sex-site owner with six Pug dogs and become the lady that all my friends’ kids will want to visit. I laughed at the time, and threw a wadded up paper ball in her direction.
If she’s right, let’s at least make it a 45-year old millionaire sex-site owner with two Pug dogs (thankyouverymuch) and a spectacular, if somewhat relationship-less, sex life. 🙂

punishment… and not the good kind

It’s difficult for me (having grown up in the Western world) to understand how other cultures view sex, and how they treat sexual offences. Even more difficult is understanding how they decide who gets punished, and how.
This AP report (via CNN) discusses the recent punishment of Amina Abdullahi, a twenty year old Nigerian woman who was found guilty (?) of sleeping with another man who was not her husband.
The “other man”, of course, denied the charge, saying that Amina was accusing him to sully his good family name.
And yet Amina is the one who will be punished, via 100 lashes of flogging. The report doesn’t say whether the flogging will be public or private. Place your bets today.
Even tougher for me to read, given that flogging has had positive connotations in my life, once or twice. 🙂
After all the dreck I’ve been sharing here lately, I feel the need to share something positive. The Good Vibes online magazine has a regular feature every month called The Survivor’s Guide To Sex – sex-positive articles about, and for, people who have been victims of sexual assault or abuse. This month’s feature is called Pleasure and discusses not only the emotional difficulty some survivors have embracing pleasure again, but includes some tips on how to start slowly and reclaim pleasure back into your life.

on women and sexuality and repression

The Village Voice posted an article a few years ago (via mouthorgan) that raises the issue of overt sexuality in films, and how the MPAA determines the ratings for those films. There are some striking differences between the way that male-related sexuality (or any sexuality through the eyes of men) is treated, and how female-related sexuality is treated.In other words, it’s OK to show a boy masturbating on top of a pie (and if you haven’t seen American Pie… don’t ask) but not to show a young girl masturbating in pretty much any way, shape, or form.
Apparently, even the word “cocksucker” is far more preferable to stating that you “ate some girl out”. God knows what their reaction would be to stronger words such as “pussy-licker”!
It got me thinking about shows I watch, and the differences between how men and women are portrayed sexually. Even one of my favourite TV shows, Queer as Folk, shows gay male sexuality in all its splendour (remind me to tell you some time about my favourite and most erotic scene where two boys in a private boys school end up in the sports storage room and a very hot handjob ensues) but rarely shows any interaction between the women in the lesbian couple on the show.
Do you want to know why I think this sexual divide – between what’s acceptable for men onscreen and what’s acceptable for women – still exists? It’s the same old drum I’ve been beating for a while. Many aspects of this world we live in are still dominated by male sexuality, and some men are just not comfortable with (perhaps they feel threatened by) female sexuality. They don’t understand it. Do they fear it will overrun them? Do they fear that for all the stereotypes about male prowess that women actually have greater drives, achieve greater satisfaction? Whatever the reason, the repression still exists. It’s why women in Afghanistan are forced to wear tablecloths to cover their entire bodies, including their faces.
It’s why, even on a gay show, that lesbian activity is limited to some kissing and flirting.
And it’s why you won’t see an R-rating (or less) for a film that discusses female sexuality, a girl learning the power of her body, mastrubation, or lesbianism (the real stuff, not the crap they load into every male-oriented porno).
Makes sex education even more important for girls, hm?