another find – a real gem


Found another really, really super site. It’s going in my bookmarks right now. Called Sex Toy Guides, it’s the ultimate online guide to choosing and buying a sex toy. There’s a little bit of history here, some discussion about guilt and why anyone would buy a sex toy, and fairly in-depth coverage of battery vibes, dildos, and anal toys.
Best of all, it’s sexy. There are so very few sites out there that are actually well-designed and attractive that it’s like a special treat to find one with good content and a design that doesn’t hurt your eyes.
It’s also got some great outbound links – enough so that I may take some time this weekend and do some serious surfing. I find that usually, great sites tend to only link to OTHER great sites. That’s what I try to do here. Have you checked out my links lately?
Also added a link to the home page to encourage under-18’s to try Scarleteen. This is a really great site for the not-quite-of-age crowd, and even adults could benefit from a quick browse. They’re really doing some good things there, and as an alternate link it ranks WAY higher than Yahoo or Disney – where most adult sites link to as an alternative – since odds are, if someone younger is at your site, they’re looking for sex info anyway.
All these great finds this month are really raising my hopes that perhaps the “adult” web isn’t just a seedy, multi-popup window, silicone breast and airbrushed morass of poor taste and in-your-face advertising.

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