erotic dream: 1


In my dream, you stood in front of a mirror.
You were shirtless, in jeans only as you stood before the full-length mirror. The hair on your chest called to me as I coveted you with my eyes. Your hair grew thicker as it arrowed towards the fly of your jeans, beckoning my eyes, my hands to follow and explore.
My heart began to pound as I stepped behind you and met your eyes in the mirror. I put all the desire and heat and need I was feeling into my eyes; your look mirrored mine, and I felt my knees grow weak as I fell, trapped, into the depths of those dark eyes.

I placed my hands on your bare shoulders, finally touching your skin as I’d longed to do. My fingers flexed, testing your resiliency. Your skin was pliable and warm, but I could feel the muscle underneath and I closed my eyes for a moment, imagining those muscles flexing and bunching as you drove yourself into me, hot and wet and deep.
I ran my hands down your arms and slid beneath them, seeking heat and the textures of your chest. I flexed my fingers against you over and over again, loving the feel of you beneath my palms. I made a sound low in my throat, approving the feel of you. My fingers slipped up, up, until I could graze my palms against your nipples. I felt your breathing start to change as I lowered my lips to the tempting curve between neck and shoulder, licking and sucking your skin.
My desire was building in waves now, breaking over me, whitecapped and heavy. I wanted to bite you, sink teeth sensually into your skin, let you know the unbelievable power of what I was feeling by testing your strength. I was shaking and hot and wanting you more than I’d wanted any man in years.
You began to move against me, caressing my naked breasts with your back, your shoulder blades rubbing against me until my nipples were full, hard, aching – I let out a low moan. I’ve always been a noisy lover, but with you I knew somehow I would have the ability to bring the house down. You made everything seem more sexual, more erotic, and already I was drowning in my own sensuality.
Keeping my hands on your chest, my fingers just lightly stroking your nipples, I moved my mouth to your neck and then down your spine in a series of hot wet kisses, sucking on your skin and leaving a wet, hot trail with my tongue until I was crouching behind you. My hands moved down to your waist, leaving the sensual touch of your skin behind for the less sensually rewarding texture of denim. I ran my hands over your cock — once, twice, watching your face in the mirror from beside your waist as my fingers rubbed over you, seeking and finding heat.
I’d wanted to touch you for so long. Now, finally, I could measure your heat and length with my palm. I made small sounds of pleasure as I felt you move in delicious counterpoint to my hand, increasing and deepening the strokes until I was caressing you from base to tip.
I watched you watch my fingers as they rubbed over you. It was so much better, being able to touch you like this and still watch your face as you watched me stroke your cock in the mirror. Your eyes grew lidded, heavy, as my fingers rubbed over the tip of your cock, giving extra pressure at the point where base meets tip, then slowly rubbing my palm along your length. Even through your jeans, I could feel how hot and hard you were. I was dying to taste you, but I didn’t want this to end so quickly. It might be the only time I could touch you – I wanted to make it last all night, if I could.
I stood up slowly behind you, keeping my hands on your cock. I rubbed myself against your back, both soothing and increasing the ache in my nipples. I gasped as I felt your hands slide between us, reaching behind your back to touch my thighs, fingers sliding higher and higher…
I moaned aloud as your fingers slid between my lips and rubbed lightly over my clit. My skin broke out in a fine sheen of sweat as your fingers slipped through my wetness, rolling over my clit like a marble in oil. The weakness in my knees was getting worse, and I was trembling so hard that you could hear it in my soft, broken breaths against your skin. I couldn’t take much more without sinking to the floor. And there was so much more I wanted to do first… I moved my hips, once, pushing against your fingers, and then withdrew.
Reluctantly, my fingers left you and went in search of the button at your waist. My hands were shaking so hard it took me three tries to slip the button from its hole. Slowly, I slid the tab of your zipper down, hearing your breath break as my fingers slid over your cock, naked beneath your jeans.
I moved my mouth down your body again as my hands pushed your jeans down your legs. There wasn’t a part of your body I didn’t ache to caress with my mouth, and I fulfilled a dozen fantasies as I slid my mouth over your shoulders, down your spine, stopping to suck lightly on your buttocks as I helped you step from your jeans.
Finally, you were as naked as I was. I watched your face in the mirror as I slid my fingers slowly over your legs, moving higher and higher. The hair on your legs excited me, such a rough texture, so different from the satiny smooth hardness that I could see waiting for my touch. I scraped my fingernails lightly between your thighs, watched your cock as it jerked in response to my teasing.
My upper thighs were wet with my excitement. What I wouldn’t do to just drag you down with me onto the floor, rise over you to slide that perfect, hard cock between my thighs and just ride you, grinding against you until we both came in a tangle of shudders and shouts. I could almost feel you inside me, hard and hot and heavy, stretching me as I slid you inside me, gripping you with my cunt muscles like a wet, hot glove.
I stood up and watched your eyes as I slid my palms around to hold your cock. You let out a soft moan as I began to rub you. I slipped one hand up to my lips and wet its palm thoroughly, looking in your eyes as I slid my hand back down to rub the head of your cock in my palm. Your eyes closed, briefly, as you felt the wetness and heat of my palm rub over the tip of your cock, and then they flew open again, as though afraid to miss anything.
I began a soft stroking motion over your cock, watching your face change as I gave you almost exactly what you needed, but I kept the pressure just a little lighter than what you would have liked the most. I could feel you strain against my teasing hands, trying to get a little more pressure. I laughed delightedly and rubbed my nipples against your back again as I kept up my teasing stroke, wanting to drive you crazy. I licked my way up your neck to take the lobe of your ear between my teeth as I slid you between my hands, whispering in your ear how hard you were, how much I wanted to slide my tongue and lips and mouth over you, how wet I was getting watching you in the mirror as I touched you.
I kept up the light strokes until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to taste you or I’d go out of my mind. All I could think about was your taste and wanting to feel you slide between my lips.
I stepped around in front of you for the first time, looking into your eyes as I wrapped my fingers around your cock again. You jerked against my stomach and slid your fingers into my hair, pulling my lips to yours. Our lips meshed in a tangle of tongues and lips and heat. It had been years since I’ve had that kind of kiss, the kind that slides and entices and communicates every want, every need. I made a sound deep in my throat and squeezed my hands around you, slipping my thumb up to press and rub at that spot where tip meets base.
I gasped and pulled away from your mouth as your hands slid up to cup my breasts, rubbing your thumbs over my nipples. I shook and shuddered for long minutes with your cock between my hands and my breasts slaves to your every touch, your every flickering stroke, whispering your name in between shuddery breaths.
I slid my tongue between your lips one last time before moving my mouth down your body, sliding over your chest in hot, wet strokes, flicking my tongue over your tiny hardened nipples. I sank my teeth lightly into the muscle of your chest, feeling your cock straining against my hands as though it knew that heat and wetness were on the way.
I came to rest on my knees before you. I looked up and watched your eyes as I smoothed your cock over my mouth, sliding my lips across the tip, the shaft, the base, loving you with my mouth. I felt your hands dive into my hair, rubbing my scalp as I touched my tongue to the base of your cock, moving in gliding, wet strokes higher and higher until my tongue was flickering with speed and heat over the head of your cock.
I could hear soft sounds coming from your throat. I loved them. I wanted to hear you scream with pleasure. I made a point with my tongue and rubbed it into that little crevice between head and shaft, that small place that loves to be licked and rubbed. I looked up to meet your eyes and found them half-closed, heavy with desire, alternating between watching the action in the mirror and watching my eyes as I teased the tip of your cock with my tongue.
It took all the willpower in the world not to drag you to the floor and slide you up into my pussy right then and there. But I wanted a proper taste of that cock, and I was determined to have it.
I opened my mouth wide around your head and slid you inside, not quite touching any part of your cock, just letting you feel the heat and dampness that lay just a quarter of an inch in any direction from you. I slid you further into my mouth that way, teasing you, not quite touching you, until I could feel you at the back of my throat. Then I slid you just as slowly out from between my lips, still not touching you. I could feel your hands start to shake as you slid your fingers through my hair. I opened my mouth wide again, sliding you inside without taking you, letting the tip of your head touch the back of my throat, withdrawing without ever coming into direct contact with your cock.
I felt as much as heard you moan at my teasing.
I flicked my tongue over your head and looked up, catching your eye. You looked deliciously sexy, all tousled and flushed, and I could nearly feel your heartbeat through your cock.
Keeping eye contact the entire time, I slid you into my warm and waiting mouth. I saw your eyes close as I let you fill my mouth to overflowing, bathing you in heat and wetness. As I began to slide you from my mouth, I pulled softly on your cock with my mouth, creating the sweetest kind of suction and pressure, as though I didn’t want to ever let you go.
That was the truth.
You tasted unbelievable. I could have spent years feasting on that cock. I told you so as I slid you between my lips again and again, slowly, building the pressure and tempo gradually.
I reached around with my hands to hold your ass cheeks, pulling you into my mouth, letting you fuck my mouth the way I’d always wanted. I could hear sounds escaping from the back of your throat as I slid you in and out, varying the pressure, sucking lightly on the tip of your cock on the backstroke.
I felt your hands grip my scalp firmly as I set up a new rhythm of advance and retreat – five quick strokes between my lips followed by one long slow pull from tip to base and back. Five quick strokes again, fast like you needed it, followed by a heart-pounding pull that went down seemingly forever.
I moaned as I felt your cock grow tighter and tighter between my lips. I held your ass more firmly as I continued to torment you with my mouth – five quick, one long, five short, one that went on and on….
God, I was so wet doing this. Nothing turned me on more than to do this to you, feeling and tasting you as I gave you pleasure. I wanted to slide my fingers between my wet lips and give into my desire – but I wanted to concentrate on you more. There would be plenty of time for me later.
I continued the sweet torture for long minutes, feeling your thighs start to tremble with the effort of remaining upright while my mouth and my tongue did wicked things to you. I looked up to see your eyes riveted to the mirror, watching as I loved your cock with my mouth. Soft sounds came from your throat as I kept up the maddening, thrilling rhythm.
I heard your breathing start to change and I knew it was almost time to taste you, almost time to let you fill my mouth with sweet completion. I scored your thighs with my nails as I switched to a steady rhythm, sucking you deep between my lips, flicking my tongue around the head on the upstroke, feeling you fuck my mouth just like every fantasy I’d ever had about you.
Your fingers were buried deep in my hair as you helped me, pulling me closer on every stroke, moaning as the pleasure began to overtake you.
I heard you whisper just seconds before my hands felt the muscles of your ass clench and you filled my mouth with a broken moan. The muscles in my throat worked as I swallowed your gift. I could feel you start to clench as my throat worked over you, drawing it out, stretching you on a rack. I swallowed every last drop you had to give me, and then I slid you softly, lovingly from my mouth. I pressed my mouth against the skin of your abdomen, whispering how good you’d tasted, how much and how long I’d wanted to do that….
… and then I woke up.
Four o’clock in the morning, I woke up, my body covered in a fine mist of sweat, fully aroused by my dream. I was so wet and so aroused it was almost painful to breathe. I thought about the taste of your cock as I slid my fingers into the wetness, slipping over and over my clit, sliding deep into the empty place that wanted your cock, until I bucked and bit my lip from crying out as I shuddered through one of the most intense orgasms of my life.
I fell back asleep, a soft smile on my face.

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