erotic dream: 2


In my dream, we were alone.
It was late at night, and a lone car remained in the parking garage. It was deadly quiet, and our conversation had lulled into silence. I had no idea why you’d grown quiet, but I knew all too well why I had. My imagination was running wild again, and it made me ache and shake a little as I looked at you.
You murmured something again, one of those comments that teased and promised but never quite delivered.
My thighs were damp underneath my skirt.

I threw you a look of silent retribution, filled to the brink with the heat that had invaded my body. Part of me wanted you to continue. Part of me wished you’d never turn me on like this again.
You laughed and made another comment.
With a groan, I turned and walked away from you, walked towards the car, looking for someplace to hide, someplace to help me forget how much I wanted you with a few words, a look.
You followed me, laughing.
My body was burning, and you were laughing.
Frustrated, I turned on my heel and stalked towards you.
You didn’t move.
You’d stopped just in front of a pillar. I stood in front of you and backed you up with the menace in my eyes and the shaking of my little fists, tight against my sides.
I looked in your eyes and felt myself falling, feeling as though my stomach had taken a nosedive to the vicinity of my knees.
You seemed frozen to the spot.
Slowly, belying the pumping blood in my veins, I placed a hand flat against the pillar, one on either side of your head.
I slid my body closer to yours. It was drawn to your warmth like a magnet.
My breath was coming more shallowly now, as I stared into your eyes and licked my lips. I tried to convey all the trembling, wild, erotic feelings pumping through me with just a look.
Then I brought my face to yours and traced the outline of your lips with my tongue. Your lips parted, and I slid my tongue inside, tracing the sensitive insides of your lips, teasing the corners of your smile with small licks until your entire mouth was sensitized, damp, empty.
Your tongue darted forward to touch mine. At the first taste, I was lost. I moaned lightly and pressed my breasts, my hips closer to your body and angled my head for a deeper tasting.
With a moan that sounded like surrender, you brought your hands up to tangle in my hair, and pulled my head close as you slid your tongue deeply into my mouth. Our tongues and lips mated for long, shuddery moments while soft sounds crept out from my throat and I felt every bone in my body turn a kind of molten steel.
Somehow, this kiss was the most erotic I’d ever felt, more erotic than anything I’d ever done. It had been years since I’d felt that slow, wet dance of tongues and lips. It was almost better than sex.
I lifted my trembling hands from the pillar and slid them down your shoulders, over the muscles of your chest. I flexed my fingers, feeling your strength, wanting to touch every part of you, wanting to touch everywhere at once. I slid my fingers to your waist, and then up beneath your sweater, reveling in the feel of your skin beneath my hands.
My hands moved warmly, urgently over your ribs, your stomach, your chest. I couldn’t get enough of the feel of your skin. Your chest hair crinkled against my palms as I grazed my fingers over your nipples, and I moaned against your mouth.
You slid your hands down my back, over my waist and hips, until your fingers were sliding over my ass. Your palms trailed lower, over my thighs until you could slide your hands beneath the hem of my skirt.
I felt your groan as much as heard it when you discovered the straps of my garter belt. You ran a finger around the edge of the stocking, making me breathless, and then snapped the elastic strap of the garter against my skin. I gasped at the sting, but was too far gone to care.
I could feel you hard and hot against me as I ground closer to you. Your fingers slipped over my ass and between my thighs, fingers inching closer and closer to my pussy lips. I moaned and wriggled even closer to you, rubbing my hip against your cock.
Without warning, you pulled me toward the only car left in the parking lot. I hopped up onto the hood, gasping at the cold metal against my bare thighs and pussy, and pulled you toward me, between my spread thighs.
God, I was so hot.
Your fingers were impatient on the buttons of my shirt. Finally, finally, your fingers grazed my nipples. I let out a shaky moan and arched my back, pushing my breasts toward you.
Your lips turned up, a devilish half-grin as you traced my nipples with your fingers. I was afraid to move, afraid to speak, for fear that you’d stop this delicious teasing. My nipples peaked even more, stiff and hard and aching for more than the light, feathery brushes of your hands.
You held my gaze while you played with me.
I could feel desire like shockwaves running through me, making me shudder. My heart was frantic, beating double-time as you watched me.
I whispered your name; a curse, a plea.
Every time your fingers plucked my nipples, streamers of fire ran from my breasts to my clit. I was so aroused I could actually feel the blood beating between my thighs.
Your palms moved slowly, deliberately over my breasts. My nipples burrowed into the center of your palms, needing warmth and friction, and you gave it to me and more as you dragged your palms over me. I shook and moaned, pushing against your hands.
I had to touch you.
I reached between our bodies so I could unfasten your jeans. I slid my hand inside, rubbing against your length, murmuring my approval as I felt your heat and size against my palm. I could imagine already what it would feel like to feel your cock sliding between my thighs, hard and hot and slippery with my juices.
You gasped in my ear as I measured you with my hands.
I could feel your tongue sliding along my neck, your breath hot and dark against my ear as my fingers slid, skin against skin, over your shaft and around to cup you in my hand, rubbing you against my palm while I felt your muscles tense and your breath shorten.
It felt like I’d waited forever to be able to touch your cock.
You ran your hands over my back, down my thighs and then between them, brushing higher and higher. I held you naked in my palms and moaned as you whispered dark, wet things to me. My pussy clenched as your words and fingers worked together to tantalize me, just dancing at the edges of what I wanted.
I felt your finger slide between my lips. God.
My hand clenched around you, rubbing slowly as I felt your finger trace the length of my pussy before sliding inside, slipping through the wetness. My muscles contracted, pulling your finger in deeper, wanting more of your touch. You felt my muscles gripping you and I could feel your body tense. I wondered if you were imagining what that grip would feel like, all tight and hot, around your cock.
Your hands left me slowly, sliding up my body to rest on my shoulders as you let me rub you between my palms. You slid your tongue against mine, hungry, a little wild. You pushed on my shoulders, urging me to lay back against the cold metal.
I did what you urged. I felt like putty in your hands.
You slid the hem of my skirt up above my waist, looking at me with eyes that burned. My hips moved restlessly and you placed a palm on each of my inner thighs, your hands hot against my exposed skin. Gently, you nudged my legs apart until I was completely exposed to your gaze.
I’d never felt hotter, or more vulnerable.
You slid your finger between my pussy lips again, starting at the bottom and running the very tip through my wetness, just barely skimming my clit on the upstroke.
My body jerked. I couldn’t help it; I moaned again. My every sense was wholly focussed on the delicate movements of your finger. It was rubbing, skimming, slipping over my pussy, carefully and deliberately ignoring my clit which pulsed even harder with every trip your fingers made.
I was aching, shaking with the force of my arousal. I called your name like a plea.
You slid your fingers into me, first one, then two, pressing up against me as I gripped your fingers and tried to get even more of you inside me. Inches above, my clit begged for attention. I raised my hips against your fingers, encouraging you to fuck me a little deeper, a little harder as I moaned.
Your fingers framed me, one on either side of my pussy, your thumbs playing in my hole as you held my gaze.
And in a heart-stoppingly slow movement, you bent to take my clit in your mouth.
My back bowed against the car as I felt your lips surround me. Your tongue lashed against me, hotly, delicately, as I dissolved into a series of broken moans, nonsense words issuing from my lips as I bucked up against your mouth. You held me still for your ministrations, suckling on my clit until I was ready to break into a million pieces. I felt your finger slide in me again, but it wasn’t deep enough, nothing would be deep enough until I had all of you, your hot, hard cock buried deep inside me, and your tongue beat a rhythm on my clit that was driving me higher and higher.
I looked down my body and saw you watching me, your eyes missing nothing as my body shook and jerked, stretched taut with the unbelievable pleasure I was feeling.
I saw you watching me.
That was the hottest part of all.
I slid my hands into your hair and moaned, my back arching high as the waves of my orgasm pounded through me. I shook and shuddered my way through one of the most cataclysmic releases of my life.
When I was able to focus on the world around me again, I saw you watching me, your finger still slipping in and out of my pussy, slowly.
I sat up and took your face in my hands. I slid my tongue against yours and tasted myself on your lips. I rubbed my lips over yours, hungrily, as my fingers slipped into the opening in your jeans again to take you in my hands.
I eased myself from the hood of the car and slid my hands over your ass, pushing your jeans down as I went. They pooled at your ankles and I slid to my knees to help you get the jeans the rest of the way off.
That was my intent, of course.
I always have the best of intentions, actually.
Could I help it if I got a little distracted?
My mouth was so close to your cock as I fiddled with your jeans, trying to slip them from your legs. You smelled so good – that wonderful mix of musk and man. I could nearly taste you – a double mouthful, to be sure, but what fun trying! I wanted to measure you with my mouth, again and yet again, feel you sliding over my tongue as you pushed your way between my lips.
Abandoning the jeans altogether, I darted forward for a small taste, flicking my tongue over your head. You made a small sound and moved closer, almost daring me to take another lick.
I moved my lips lower and started a long, slow lick from the base of your cock to the tip. God, I’d been right. You tasted so good. It just made me want another taste, and then another, and then…
I cradled you in my hands and flicked my tongue over your head again, wetting it thoroughly and running my tongue all around the seam between your head and your shaft.
You were like candy.
I could have kept licking you all night.
I slipped you between my lips, measuring your head with tongue and lips and mouth, sucking lightly on you as I slid you from between my lips, bobbing my head down to take you into my mouth again.
I could hear you making noises above me. Your fingers threaded into my hair.
I pulled back a little so I could look up at you. Your eyes were half closed, watching every move I made. I flicked my tongue over your head again, varying the pressure, varying the speed, and I watched you as your eyes followed every movement of my tongue. The temperature in your eyes heated up ten degrees as you watched my tongue move over you, licking you as I’d always threatened, always fantasized about.
I slid you between my lips, keeping my lips a tight circle around you, pulling on you and sucking you as I moved you in and out of my mouth.
You shifted, slowly, until the back of my head was resting against the side of the car. You spread your arms above me, leaning forward on your arms against the car for support. I slid you into my mouth over and over, sucking on you with a ferocity I’d rarely felt before. I looked up at you and asked you to fuck my mouth.
I saw your eyes close, briefly.
Then your hips began to move, and that wonderful cock started moving in and out of my mouth. My hands were everywhere – on your ass, sliding over your perineum, toying with your asshole as you slid your cock over my tongue again and again. I gripped your ass firmly with both hands and brought you deeper into my mouth, over and over, sliding back every so often to flick my tongue over your head and squeeze your head with the ring of my lips.
God, you tasted so good, but it wasn’t enough.
I’d waited a lifetime for this. I slid up your body, suckling your skin as it came into contact with my mouth, until I could slide my tongue between your lips, shaking with my arousal.
Nothing had ever turned me on more than watching you slide your cock between my lips.
I turned around, pulling your hands around me so I could rub my nipples against your palms. I could feel your cock, hard and hot, nudging against my ass as I moved against you. My hands still covering yours, I slid your hands down to the downy tangle between my thighs. I sighed and gasped and your fingers parted my wetness and slid against my clit.
I leaned over, slowly, and flipped my skirt over my back so that my entire lower body was exposed. My hands rested against the car. I spread my legs, slowly, opening them inch by inch and felt your eyes watching me.
I love being fucked from behind.
It’s one of the deepest angles you can get.
I felt you come up behind me, slippery fingers sliding against my wetness. I felt your cock nudge against me, and I shuddered. You teased me with the tip, rubbing against me, never quite giving me what I needed.
“Fuck me.” Please. God, was that my voice, begging?
You slid your cock inside me, slowly.
I could feel its size, its hardness, coated by my wetness, filling me up inside as you pushed deeper inside me. I clenched and unclenched my pussy muscles around you, gripping you like a glove.
You started to move inside me.
All I could do was arch against you and moan.
This was the rhythm I’d been missing, the feeling I’d been dying for. Here, in this place, bent over a car with you fucking me from behind.
I pushed back against you as you teased me, varying your speed, slipping between me lightly again and again one moment, pounding against me with heart-stopping power the next. I threw my head back and moaned.
My clit was on fire. I heard you moan behind me as I reached between my legs to stroke it, rubbing it lightly in time with your thrusts. Your hands stroked my hips, my thighs, my ass as you pushed inside me over and over again, rubbing in small circles against me, inflaming me with every stroke.
I was moaning your name and shaking my head, unable to think, wholly at the mercy of your cock.
You stopped, pulled back suddenly and spun me around to face you.
You pushed me up onto the hood of the car again. The metal was even colder against my heated skin this time, until I felt you move over me, sliding between my legs and pushing up into me.
You grabbed my hands and lifted them over my head, using just one of your hands to keep my wrists still. Your tongue met mine in the hottest, wettest kiss I’ve ever had as you slid your cock into me over and over.
I lifted my legs, wrapping my feet together behind your back and thrusting up to meet you. I moaned aloud as you rubbed against me, small circles that rubbed against my clit and made my head spin. You pushed against me, once, twice, so heavy and hot, our skin covered in a fine sheen of sweat, and I could feel you touching my clit, rubbing against it with your pelvis, and my feet locked even tighter against your back as my back arched and I shuddered my way through another orgasm.
It took forever. It took an incredibly long time before my body stopped clenching and unclenching. I could see your eyes grow wild, and I was still shaking from the force of what I’d felt when you began thrusting inside me in earnest, pushing towards your own release.
Your cock drove inside me, again, and again, as my pussy clenched against you.
I moaned against you as I felt my body, incredibly, begin to arouse again.
I gripped your shoulders, your chest, my fingers clenching as I thrust up against you.
Your mouth met mine again, tongues slipping hungrily against one another as our bodies pounded together…
This is where I woke up.
Fully aroused, again, and covered in a mist of sweat.
I slid my fingers over my clit, thinking of your cock, your tongue, your eyes, watching me. I shuddered through a very brief, very intense orgasm, the echoes of our car encounter still playing over and over again in my mind.
I would never look at that garage the same way again.
And then I fell back to sleep, a naughty smile gracing my lips.

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