fazendo tudo


Of all the places in the world I’ve wanted to go, of all the events I’ve wanted to see, being in Rio during Carnival has always been one of the most pervasive. I’d love to see Egypt, sure, for the pyramids. Ditto to Rome for the Coliseum. But Carnival – it’s for the sex and the music and the sex and the dancing and the sex and the freedom and the sex.
Nothing seems more exotic to me than thousands of people, a driving and pervasive latin beat, and sensuality so thick you could wrap yourself up in it like a towel.It’s the sexual freedom, the underlying current of sexuality, that gets to me every time.
The Position has a good article theorizing why Brazil, despite its 90% Catholic base, is so sexually free. Apparently more than half the population is under the age of 27. But read it for yourself, and decide.
One day I will go, and release, and embrace, and enjoy. Until then, Rio lives on in my dreams…

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