first time


I had you in my mouth when I felt it.

First, just a little tap of your hand against the soft skin of my ass.

Testing me. Seeing how I would respond.

I don’t know who was more surprised: you or me. I felt the muscles in my groin clench. I let out a soft moan around your cock. I pushed my hips back slightly, looking to feel your hand again.

I felt you jump a little between my lips as you brought your hand down again, slightly harder this time.

My clit sat up and started to sing.

I wanted to beg you to do it again. Wanted to throw myself over your lap and let you really lean into me. Went mad at the thought of your hand slapping against me, your fingers tracing the cleft between my legs down and down again until you could rub against my clit, wet with my juices. Dreamed of alternating between the sweet sting of your palm and the sensitive touch of your fingers rubbing me to the most convulsive orgasm I’ve ever had.

I couldn’t; you felt too good in my mouth to let go, even for a minute, even to beg for what I wanted. Honestly. You have the sexiest cock I’ve ever wrapped my lips around. Dildos and vibrators should be moulded from this cock. It’s a perfect size, a perfect shape, a perfect taste. A siren song that calls to me. I couldn’t give it up.

I whimpered against you and wiggled my bottom slightly.

Your hand started a lazy, steady rhythm against my ass.

My first spanking.

I went crazy, sucking and sliding you between my mouth faster and faster while your hand beat a tatoo on my ass cheeks.

All I could think – shocking, naughty, but undeniable – was:


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