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It was warm, one of the first really warm days of the summer. The heat made the breeze warm and silky against my skin, brushing over me like a lover’s hand. It made for a lazy Saturday afternoon, the kind that makes you want to lay naked against crisp cool sheets while the sun filters gently through the blinds.
I was propped up against soft downy pillows, my legs tangled in the sheets, reading a very erotic novel, and thinking of you.

The scene I was reading was incredibly erotic:
He stepped into the shower behind me, reaching around for a bar of soap. My hands moved to touch him, to rub all over him, wet and slick. I wanted his cock in my hands, in my mouth, between my legs.
He shook his head and stepped back a little. “No touching. I’m going to drive you right out of your mind, and I want you to just stand there and concentrate on the feel of me, touching you.”
I could feel my clit swelling between my lips as I watched him work up a lather between his hands. I knew how magical his fingers could be, and I could barely wait to feel his hands against me.
He placed the bar of soap back in its holder and turned to me, his eyes glittering devilishly. God, he was so cocky, so arrogant, so sure he could make me scream… you could see it in his eyes. The worst of it was, he was right.
I let out a moan as his soap-slick palms rubbed over my nipples, spreading lather over my breasts and increasing the ache between my thighs.

The man in the story reminded me so very much of you. You, too, were cocky and arrogant, never having any doubts of your ability to make me scream and shake and moan. And you, too, were right.
I raised my hand slowly and brought it to my right nipple. It peaked instantly against my fingers, drawing into a tight little bud. I traced my fingers around it lightly. Pleasure darted in a line from my nipples to my knees.
I could feel my clit begin to swell and ache as I raised my fingers to my lips. I licked the tips lightly before rubbing them against my berry-hard nipples. I closed my eyes and imagined it was your tongue, licking at me delicately, plucking me between your lips over and over again.
My legs moved restlessly against the sheets as I pinched my nipple lightly, imagining your teeth nibbling there. I could feel my pussy getting slick with juice. I brought my fingers to my mouth again and again, getting both nipples hard and wet before dragging them against my palms. I rolled my nipples in my palms over and over. I wished it were your hands rubbing against me.
Slowly, I slid my hands over my skin, reveling in its silky smooth texture, moving lower over my belly towards my thighs. I rubbed my hands slowly between my thighs, loving the just-shaved smoothness of my bikini line, playing softly in the short, soft hair that protected my pussy.
I wished you were here with me. I wanted your hands on me, those magic hands that could give such unbelievable pleasure. I slid a single finger between my lips, dipping into the wetness and spreading it around and around, not yet touching my clit.
I spread my legs wider, letting the warm breeze play between my thighs as I pushed my finger deep into my pussy. I thought about your cock, all hard and wet, sliding into me. I pushed up against my fingers, feeling my clit pulse as it rubbed against the heel of my hand.
I moaned a little, softly.
Drawing it out slowly, I slid my fingers up the length of my slit, rubbing against my clit lightly. I drew tiny, wet circles around the base of my clit, teasing myself. My eyes were closed still, picturing your head between my thighs, your tongue rubbing softly over me.
A small sound made me open my eyes and I saw you standing in the doorway. I hadn’t heard you enter the apartment. Your eyes blazed as you looked at me, naked and tangled in the sheets, my thighs spread, my fingers rubbing between my legs.
My eyes locked with yours and I arched up against my hands, enticing you with my body, inviting you to come and help me soothe this lazy, throbbing ache.
You moved toward me, your eyes blazing. You eased yourself onto the end of the bed, watching my fingers move over my clit again and again, and you ran your hands up my legs.
I smiled at you, wanton and inviting. “Care to lend a hand?”
Your eyes closed, briefly, as you bent a little and inhaled my scent. You opened them again to look at me and smile wickedly.
I gasped a little, the combination of my fingers and your watchful eyes taking me even higher.
You leaned over and kissed my inner thigh, running your tongue slowly over my skin. “What do you want me to do?”
My breath was coming shallowly now as my body worked its way toward orgasm. “Slide a finger in me.”
Ever helpful, you moved your hand higher to join mine between my thighs. A long, hard finger slid deep inside me. You moved it in and out, slowly, as my pussy muscles pulled at you. My clit was on fire as you watched me masturbate. I ran my slippery fingers in circles over my clit, pushing my hips up to meet your finger.
You added another finger, sliding two in and out of me in time with my thrusts. Your eyes were dark, hot, watching me. I couldn’t look away. It drove me even higher.
I moaned as you moved your fingers inside me, pushing up against my body, rubbing my sensitive inner walls with your fingertips as my circles grew smaller and my breathing got faster.
Little sounds escaped from between my lips as I rushed towards orgasm. My fingers pushed a little harder against my clit, rubbing and stroking while your fingers pushed deeper into me. I could feel my pussy muscles clenching against you faster and faster.
Your eyes were locked onto me, watching my face grow tighter.
I called your name over and over as your fingers pushed into me and my clit erupted in a blaze of heat and release and my hips bucked against you, hundreds of tiny convulsions pulling at your fingers.
You rubbed your cheek against my inner thigh as I came back to myself slowly, my heart slowing its pounding cadence.
Finally, you raised your head to look at me with eyes that still blazed with desire. I gave you a lazy smile, feeling warm and soft and liquid.
“Thanks for the help.” I murmured.
You grinned at me and slid your hands up between my thighs, opening me even wider to your gaze. I moved slowly, restlessly against your hands as your eyes devoured me.
“Anytime.” you whispered to me, and bent to take my clit in your mouth.
I gave a long, low moan… and gave myself up to your loving.

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