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The Liberator: for those too large (or lazy – it could work there too) to get into all the myriad kinky positions available.
Strange Sex Laws: It is against the law in the state of Washington to have sex with a virgin (even on the wedding night). Makes you wonder how the state got populated.It gets weirder. There’s a law in Kingsville, Texas against two pigs having sex on the airport grounds. Makes me want to visit Kingsville just to find out what kind of weird-ass stuff goes on there.
Penis Piñata: If I had only known about this before my divorce party. What a hoot!
Some of the most disturbing candles I’ve ever seen. Don’t you think it would bother guys to see you light up a candle that looks like a penis? Flame a little too close for comfort, and all that…
Naked chess. Now I’ve seen it all.

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