is evil a good thing?


With terrorist attacks and bombs going off, evil has nearly been redefined to its previous Biblical levels by becoming Evil with an E, something that is reviled and must be wiped out at all costs.
But let’s not forget that being evil can be a very good thing in the right circumstances.
There is nothing more arousing and compelling than an evil man. One who knows what you want and will only dole it out to you on his timetable. In the places he chooses. All designed, of course, to drive you out of your ever-lovin’ mind. That’s an important distinction.
My best and favourite partners were evil. Evil grins, evil chuckles, evil touches and evil intent. It’s got something to do with that loving-the-bad-boy thing, I’m sure of it. I’ve always had a soft spot for them. Even on TV, my tastes run to the bad boy, no matter how much I try to love the nice guy. Like Brian from Queer as Folk (yes I know that character’s gay but since I have equal chances with him as a straight guy on TV, what the hell?) and Spike (oh, it hurts to admit that) on Buffy.
It’s their confidence, too. Evil men must be confident otherwise the whole thing just falls apart for me. It’s their absolute certainty that they can make me scream that keeps me coming back for more. Even when I probably shouldn’t.
It’s all about the tease.

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