the lovers, part one: the gift


Your voice came through the phone at me and touched me like a lover. “I’ve left something special for you in your desk drawer – a little gift.”
I never intended to have an affair. It was never my intention at all. But here I was, a married woman, being unfaithful to my husband in spirit, at least. I couldn’t help it. Even being in the same room with you started a throbbing I could feel low in my body, a kind of pulsating ache that made me want to squirm and blush and… You’d always had this effect on me, but even more so in the past few months. And when you began to take notice of the things you do to me, you started responding. God. You started calling me at odd hours during the work day, murmuring dangerously sexy things in my ear, telling me just how many ways there were to touch a woman, and how many of them you imagined doing with me… There were days when I would soak my panties through just talking with you at work.
We hadn’t touched. Not yet. I didn’t know if I could handle the guilt. However, I was starting to wonder if I could handle the hot, wet feeling between my thighs for much longer, either.

And now this morning, this phone call. A gift, for me.
Laughing huskily, you told me to open the gift. “I’ll talk to you later, after you’ve had a chance to try out your present.”
Hands trembling in anticipation, I hung up the phone and reached for my desk drawer, checking over my shoulder to make sure no one was looking into my cubicle.
A small white box with a tiny red bow sat in the center of the drawer. Leaning against the box was a note. I pulled the note from the drawer and began to read.
“I want you. You want me. In theory, nothing could be simpler. But you have a husband and I don’t want to force you into something that you – or your conscience – isn’t ready for.
I want to be able to touch you, to lick and suck in places that daylight rarely sees. I want you shaking and screaming my name as I slide inside you. But I can’t do those things, not until you’ve decided whether you’re ready. For now, I’ve got a solution.
Take what’s in the box. Put it on. Wear it for me for the rest of the day. You’ll see it comes with a remote control. I have it, tucked away safely in my pants pocket. Let me touch you silently, in secret, watching you come apart as though it were my lips, my tongue sliding against you. Let me touch you in the only way I can, for now.”

I was barely breathing by the time I finished your note. I lifted the lid on the small white box to find a pair of panties – sort of. They were really more like a thong, and they had a small, soft foam rubber attachment that was designed to fit over a woman’s clit. A small black box was attached to the back of the waistband – the receiver, I supposed. And sure enough, the remote control was missing, in the hands of the man my body cried out for.
Was I actually going to do it? Put this contraption on and then resume my normal working day, not knowing when I’d be at the mercy of your imagination and your little remote control? My mind went wild at the possibilities. Could I really go through with it? How far would you take it?
I nearly raced to the ladies’ room, the thong in my pocket.

* * * * * * *

My heart was fluttering against my rib cage as I settled myself into my desk chair again. My (slightly damp, admittedly) panties were tucked into a corner of my purse, and the thong was securely in place. The soft foam rubber molded itself to my clit, feeling like a lover’s mouth. It was driving me crazy.
I couldn’t begin to imagine what it would feel like when you turned the device on. Already it felt like the sweetest torture, like a pair of lips softly surrounding my clit, but not moving, maddening me and making me want to squirm and rub the thing deeper into my pussy. I could feel the wetness between my thighs and it was all I could do to concentrate on my morning e-mail.
I heard voices in the hallway outside my cubicle. Suddenly, the device between my legs began to vibrate lightly. I gasped as it rubbed over my already sensitized clit. It felt like a tongue flicking over and over, in a steady regular pattern that was just enough to drive me out of my mind but not enough to actually take me over the edge. I could actually feel the blood in my body coming to beat heavily between my thighs as the soft foam mouth vibrated my clit.
As suddenly as the sensations had started, they stopped. I turned around to see you poking your head inside my cubicle with a devilish grin. My nipples lifted in my lace bra as that smile worked its way through my body and down to the slick wetness that your gift had created.
You stepped into my cubicle. “So how are things?” you said with a slightly raised voice. I took that to mean that the co-workers you’d been speaking to were still outside my cubicle, and would overhear our conversation.
I turned my back to you and looked at my screen. I couldn’t look at you while you held the remote control to the device that had stolen my ability to think and breathe… I couldn’t watch you, because I’d be wondering when you’d turn it on again. “I’m fine, how are you?”
Amazing, that we could have this normal conversation while the juices from my pussy made my inner thighs slick with heat.
As you replied with something noncommittal, I could hear your co-workers moving down the hallway, away from us. Still, I didn’t turn around. I did’t know if I could trust myself.
You came up very close behind me – I could feel your heat behind my head. You murmured wickedly, “You know, that thing has three speeds – light, medium, and heavy.”
Information aimed at driving me out of my mind. Good God, what speed had that been?
You chuckled wickedly as if reading my thoughts. “That was light. Two more speeds to go.”
I nearly moaned aloud at the thought. You must have seen my face because you chose that moment to turn the mini-vibrator on again, at the slowest setting once again. My clit was caressed by the soft foam lips, rubbing softly over me, driving me crazy.
I pushed my head back against you. I could feel your erection. You were so hard, so hot behind my head. Too nervous to do anything more, too aroused to do anything less, I took my revenge the only way I could, by rubbing my head against your cock. I heard you gasp and pull away slightly, but not before you pushed your cock hard against me for one quick moment.
You chuckled again and bent to whisper in my ear. “Now remember, no cheating today…. no sneaking into the bathroom and rubbing yourself. I don’t want you to have that orgasm until I decide you’re ready.”
I whimpered.
“Promise me.”
I nodded.
This was going to be the longest day of my life.

* * * * * * *

I spent the rest of the morning in a semi-aroused haze, only marginally aware of my surroundings. I did get some work done but it was difficult to concentrate with the soft foam lips hugging my clit, following my every movement, just sitting there like a promise unfulfilled. The heat between my thighs had calmed to a slow throb.
Just as I was about to grab my purse and head out the door for lunch, my phone rang.
“How are you feeling?” you rumbled into the phone.
I squeezed my thighs together. Just the sound of your voice made the throb between my thighs stand up and beg for attention.
“I’m going crazy.” I answered truthfully.
“Mmm.” God, your voice is so sexy. “That’s the idea. Are you enjoying my little gift?”
“Too much, I think… I could barely get any work done all morning.”
You chuckled. “That’s too bad. I guess that means I shouldn’t tell you what I was thinking about just now?”
I suddenly wanted to know more than anything. It would make this torture bearable to know that you were being affected by it, too. “Tell me.” I breathed.
“I was just picturing you, all spreadeagled and warm on my king-sized bed. Your hands and feet tied with silk scarves to the corners of the bed. And a few pillows underneath you to raise and tilt your hips so that you are laid bare to my eyes, my fingers, my mouth.”
I nearly moaned right into the phone. I could see everything in my mind as though I was really there.
“I’d start with your mouth, of course, kissing you and running my tongue along your lips until they were very sensitive, soft and wet. I wouldn’t actually touch your body, not yet, just sort of hover near it until you were arching up toward me, your nipples begging for my attention.”
I could feel my nipples grow hard and full against the lace of my bra. My body wanted your lips, your tongue.
“I wouldn’t touch your nipples, though, not at first. I’d just take my index fingers, drawing invisble circles around them, only touching them with occasional brush of my fingertips. I’d watch your nipples grow harder and harder until you were moaning, wanting nothing more in the whole world than to feel my mouth covering them, soothing the ache.”
My nipples by this point were painfully aroused underneath my shirt. The apex of my thighs was a triangle of heat and a throbbing ache that made the soft foam mouth a tantalizing but never quite fulfilling stimulant. I never wanted you to stop.
“When I finally took your nipple in my mouth, it wouldn’t soothe as much as you’d hoped, though. Instead I’d start a quick, flickering motion with my tongue that would just drive you higher and higher, tightening the muscles in your body until your back was nearly fully arched.”
I wanted to arch up against you now. I squeezed my thighs together, trying to relieve some of the ache.
“I can just picture how you’d look as I pull away from your breasts. Chest heaving, nipples wet and hard, legs stirring restlessly against their bonds, eyes glassy and distant. I’d want to take you right there. But the fun would be just beginning.”
I didn’t know how much more of this I could take.
You were quiet on the phone for several moments. I tried to close my eyes and concentrate on regulating my breathing. I could feel the juices you inspired trickling down to my upper thighs. I don’t think I’d ever been this aroused in my entire life.
“I’ve never wanted anyone as much as I want you right now.” I said, helpless to think anything else at this point.
You chuckled again. “You’ll have me, soon enough. And I have plenty of ideas where this came from.”
I groaned. “You’re torturing me.”
You laughed out loud. “You have no idea what torture is… not yet. But you will. See you at 1:30.”
Startled, I asked, “What’s going on at 1:30?”
“Oh, didn’t you know?” Your voice was velvet innocence. “Today’s the department-wide staff meeting.”
I’d forgotten. A terrible, awful, tortuous idea came to mind. “You wouldn’t……” I whispered threateningly.
You just laughed again. “I’ll see you then.”
I heard a click, and then a dial tone came through the receiver.
I’d kill you. If I lived through this, I swore to myself, I’d find a way to make you pay.
Part of me smiled in anticipation of that thought.

* * * * * * *

Imagination is not always a girl’s best friend. My lunch hour was filled with images not only of a king-sized bed and silk scarves, but of what would happen in the department meeting. There would be dozens of people there, as ours was a fairly large department. Would you really use the remote? Could I actually stay quiet while you did?
Surely one of my co-workers would notice my flushed cheeks, my tight nipples, my quick breathing… How on earth was I going to do this?
Secretly, a part of me was dying to find out…
By the time I got settled into the meeting, my body was filled with a potent pixture of anticipation, dread, and raw lust. My nipples had never felt more sensitive. I could feel every ridge, every valley of the soft foam mouth that cupped my aching clit. It made me want to slide a finger past the soft, downy hair and just draw wet, satiny circles around my clit until I could buck and scream and end this torment. Even sitting in the hard folding chair was driving me crazy. Thank goodness I was seated at a table; it hid the fact that I’d been squeezing my thighs together since sitting down.
I spotted you walking in with one of our co-workers a moment or two later. You glanced over at me, and smiled and waved. The two of you headed in my direction.
My heart was pounding.
You and Josh, another employee from our floor, seated yourselves across from me at the table.
My clit was pounding.
“Hi!” You smiled, and nodded to me. “Are you ready for another one of Jinkmann’s boring meetings?” The twinkle in your eye, though, said that this meeting was going to be far from boring.
I forced a smile and exchanged small talk with you and Josh. The waiting was unbearable. Could I handle it if you turned it on? Could I handle it if you didn’t?
Jinkmann, our department head, walked to a small podium at the front of the room. Someone dimmed the lights as he brought up the first slide of his presentation.
As the lights went down, I saw you reach into your pocket.
It started moving against me, a slight vibration that only served to excite me more. It wasn’t as big a shock this time, because I was ready for it. Nonetheless, I had to bite my upper lip to hold back a moan.
My imagination and the dark made things even worse. I imagined it was your tongue, sliding up between my lips, rolling in circles around that part of me that burned the most. It was like feeling you touch me in the dark, even though you were across the table.
The steady vibration became maddening. It aroused me to no end, but it wasn’t strong or fast enough to actually bring me to orgasm. I wanted to thrash and moan. I could feel your eyes watching me in the darkened conference room and I had to restrain myself from reaching down between my legs and ending the agony.
You turned the speed up to medium.
I bit back a gasp as the vibrations deepened. I could feel the muscles all over my body tightening, desperately seeking release. I had to grip the sides of my chair to keep from crying out.
This was the most exciting, the most awful, the most secretly erotic thing that had ever happened to me.
God, I wanted you.
I wanted release more. My body was screaming for it. Thighs clamped together, I flexed my pussy muscles over and over, trying to bring myself to orgasm. Desperately, I wondered if maybe there was a way to slide a hand between my thighs and relieve the pressure. It was dark. Maybe no one would notice – no one, that is, but you… your hot eyes burned me from across the table.
Just as the sensation became almost too much to bear, the soft foam lips stopped moving. My eyes flew to yours. You’d switched off the remote.
I nearly screamed in frustration.
Moments later, the lights came on as the meeting drew to a close. I blinked and prayed that my cheeks weren’t as flushed as they felt.
I stayed seated at the table as you and Josh rose to leave. You waved Josh ahead and said you’d see him in a moment, then rounded the table to me.
You placed your hand on my shoulder as you leaned over to whisper, “Will you meet me for a drink after work?”
I looked into your eyes, my body a mass of misery and frustration, my thighs wet with sweat and juice, my clit still throbbing. You dropped the devilish grin long enough to let me see the desire and longing in your eyes. I’d never seen a man’s eyes so filled with desire before. My breath caught.
“Yes.” I whispered.

* * * * * * *

If the morning had been spent in a haze of arousal, the afternoon was thick, pea-soup variety fog. My entire body was so sensitized by the day’s events that I felt incapable of performing even simple tasks or thinking logically through the most rudimentary problems.
I rarely moved in my seat; my pussy was so sensitive that even the slightest movement could cause me to shudder in arousal.
It was with relief that I saw quitting time had arrived. Heart and body pounding in tandem, I grabbed my purse and headed downstairs. I was due to meet you at a local bistro in ten minutes.
By the time I reached Antonio’s, I was out of breath. I had to squint to see the tables in the dim lighting. A row of high-backed, very private booths lined the left wall of the restaurant. I saw you seated in the very last booth, facing me. You smiled as you spotted me. The devilish grin was back, firmly in place.
You watched me as I walked to the booth. I could feel your eyes sliding over my body. Deliberately, I lengthened my stride, swaying my hips gently from side to side, straightening my back slightly so my nipples pushed against the soft silk of my blouse. I wanted to feel your eyes on me. I wanted you to think about my body and all the things I could do to you with it. I wanted to give you just a little taste of the torture I’d endured for the entire day. I kept my gaze steadily on you the entire time.
I think we were both a little more excited by the time I reached the narrow booth where you were sitting. Smoothly, I slid into the booth across from you, aware of every aroused inch of my body.
You smiled again. “I took the liberty of ordering a bottle of wine… I hope that’s okay.”
I nodded, my breath coming more quickly just by sitting near you. Nervously, I licked my upper lip. I saw your eyes catch it, watching my tongue as it slid along my upper lip. Your smile deepened.
The waiter appeared with a bottle of wine and two glasses. He filled both glasses with a flourish and, after ensuring we didn’t need for anything else, left us alone with our thoughts and our imaginations and our thundering hearts.
“I’ve thought of nothing else but you all day long.” you murmured. “Wondering if you liked my gift, wondering how you were feeling… wondering if you had managed not to sneak off into the ladies washroom.”
At your words, I felt my clit begin to hum.
“No.” I whispered. “I didn’t relieve this… pressure. But it was a near thing.”
“I’m glad.” Your eyes were warm, and promised so many things… “I would prefer to watch you rub yourself.”
I took a deep breath. Instantly, my mind was filled with images – images of the cold, white, sterile ladies’ washroom, of your warm, hard body leaning against a wall as I sat on the edge of a sink, thighs wide, fingers rubbing my clit over and over, feeling your eyes on me as I frigged myself to orgasm….
Like I needed another fantasy.
I brought myself back to reality with effort and gave you one of those looks that said “You’d better watch it.”
You laughed.
“Actually,” you murmured, “what I’d rather do most of all is touch you, right here, right now. It’s dark, and if I touched you under the table, nobody would notice.”
I felt my blood coil around the juncture of my thighs, starting its maddening beat.
“Since I can’t, though, I want to touch you in the only way I’m allowed right now.”
With that, you reached into your pocket and withdrew a small black box. It was about half the size of a pager and looked harmless. My body stiffened as I realized what you meant to do.
Smiling wickedly, you turned the switch to light.
I closed my eyes as the soft foam lips that hugged my clit began to vibrate. I could feel the tension seeping back into my muscles. Opening my eyes, I reached for the wine glass and took a long swallow, hoping to soothe my suddenly parched throat.
I saw you watch my throat work as I swallowed. I wondered what you were thinking.
My thighs began to clench and unclench, involuntarily. I could feel my arousal swirling around me. My nipples lifted against my lace bra, begging for your tongue.
The heavy beat between my thighs increased as you increased the power to medium.
Oh, God. I could feel small shudders forming at the base of my spine, wanting to twist their way through my body. I wanted your fingers, your mouth, your cock – anything and everything to end this torture.
You held my gaze as you began to talk quietly so none of the other patrons could hear. “I want you to imagine I’ve slid my hands underneath the table. No one notices, of course – it’s too dark. But you can feel my hands climbing up your thighs, coming closer and closer to the place where you ache for me. Are you wet there?”
Whimpering, eyes half closed, I nodded.
“Good. Imagine my fingers stroking higher, higher until they just brush against your clit.”
I was dying.
The vibrations worked their magic, rubbing my clit like a lover, driving me crazy, keeping me perched on the edge of orgasm but never fully allowing me to cross over.
“I run my fingers through your wetness, feeling how much you want me. I slide a single, long finger into you, rubbing against your inner walls, feeling you clench around me and pull me in even deeper.”
My breath was coming fast, my eyes were glassy. I was trapped in your gaze as you said the most erotic things I’d ever heard. And all the time, my clit was being pleasured in secret, like an unseen pair of lips.
I never wanted you to stop.
“I know what you want.” You paused. Your eyes were dark dungeons from which I could not escape and I watched your hands as they turned the remote up the final notch. You took my hands in yours and began speaking again.
“I slide my hands down your thighs, spreading them apart and run my finger up your slit until it reaches the place where you ache the most.”
My clit was pounding, buffeted by sensations it had never felt before. It felt as though an earthquake was going on between my thighs. My breath was shaky and my cheeks flushed as I held onto your hands for dear life. My body tightened as it galloped towards orgasm.
“I watch you come apart as I rub your clit, over and over, running my finger in small, silky circles around the nub until you shake and cry my name.”
My body was like steel, every muscle and ligament stretched to the point of breaking. Looking straight into your eyes as you said all of this made it even hotter – I felt you watching me as I came close and closer to the edge. My pussy was a ring of fire that pulsed in waves to the edges of my body. The soft foam lips sent heavy, rhythmic pulses to the center of my body.
“And just when you don’t think you can take it any more, I slide underneath the table and take you in my mouth.”
That did it. My body felt like it was snapping in half as I bucked in tight, small movements, riding the wave of the orgasm as it hit. I was helpless in its grasp for several moments as I felt your eyes on me, savouring the release you’d given me.
Exhausted, flushed, I finally relaxed against the back of the booth, thankful for its high back that had shielded me from the other people in the bistro.
Your eyes were heavy with desire as you lifted my limp hand to your lips and kissed it gently.
“Thank you.” you murmured.
Molasses ran through my veins, making me feel heavy and warm. “Thank you.” I responded.
You smiled. “Then you enjoyed your gift?”
I couldn’t help it – I laughed. “I’d say so!”
My husband be damned. I couldn’t stay away from you any longer.
I took your hand in mine and slowly licked along the length of your index finger. “You just wait… I fully intend to pay you back for this.”
Your eyes grew heavy lidded with desire as you leaned back and watched my tongue travel along your finger.
Your voice was a little thicker than normal when you finally answered me. “I really hope so.”

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