the lovers, part two: payback


My heart was pounding in anticipation as I waited for you. It was only a matter of minutes until your arrival, and the night would begin.
Lace tickled my nipples as I took a deep breath, arousing them and making me smile. Underneath my proper, businesslike dress there existed witchery in the form of black lace and little else. The black lace merrywidow I’d bought just for tonight lifted my breasts as it caressed them, the nipples nearly showing. It hugged my stomach and the very tops of my hips, hiding them beneath sexy black lace that fastened with a long series of hooks from my navel to my breastbone. The merrywidow connected with short, lacy straps to a pair of sheer black stockings. I smiled wickedly – I couldn’t wait to see the look on your face when you realized that between those garters lay nothing but neatly trimmed pussy, sans panties.
It was going to be a night to remember.

* * * * * * *

I felt you standing behind me before you even said a word. You put your hands on my shoulders and murmured a hello.
Without saying a word, I tilted my head back so it rested against your crotch. I could hear your draw a quick breath of surprise. Slowly, I moved my head from side to side, rubbing you. I could feel your cock harden against the back of my head as you pushed yourself against me.
Oh, this night was going to be fun. I smiled slowly. “Ready to go?”
You chuckled as you stepped back from my chair and turned it around to face you. “I’m ready whenever you are.” Your double entendre was not lost on me. I only smiled in response and rose from my chair.
We were both quiet as we walked toward the elevator, each lost in our own thoughts. I could feel every sense heightened as I walked, my body deliciously aware of the lace and the garters and the bare skin between my legs. Your fingers rested warmly in the small of my back. I wanted to take them and rub them in places you couldn’t see.
Tonight, however, was all about anticipation.
As the elevator doors closed behind us, I stepped up to you. Taking the nape of your neck in my hand, I brought your ear to my lips and whispered, “I have a little surprise for you.”
You moved your head back to look at me and I watched your eyes darken with desire. In your eyes I could see the memory of another little surprise, a secret shared between the two of us less than a week ago.
Holding your gaze, I took your hand and brought it to my inner thigh. I watched your eyelids flicker as they touched the silk-encased skin. The look we shared grew hotter and hotter as I slowly, deliberately, moved your fingers between my legs, going higher and higher.
Your eyes widened when you felt the lacy edge of my stockings. Your thumb brushed my thigh and felt the lacy garter that held my stockings in place. My breath caught as I felt your fingers on my bare skin. My clit was aching – all I wanted to do was rub myself into your fingers and relieve some of the terrible pressure. But I restrained myself and watched your eyes grow wider still as I continued to move your hand higher.
Your fingers just barely brushed my neatly trimmed pubic hair. As the realization that I was bare beneath my dress hit you, you closed your eyes with a look of pain. I smiled wickedly and removed your hand, straightening my dress and kissing your fingertips lightly.
I could see the ideas running hot and wild behind your eyes. “Please tell me you’re not going to stay like that all through dinner.” you murmured.
I smiled slowly, my lips curving deeply as I realized that my plan was beginning to work.
“Oh, I have every intention of staying like this all night.” You closed your eyes again and rested your head against the back of the elevator, half moaning and half chuckling. “I assume this is to pay me back for last week?”
I just smiled again as the doors to the elevator opened. I could feel your eyes behind me as I walked ahead, the lingerie and the heat between my thighs accentuating the curves and sway of my walk.
“This is going to be a long night, isn’t it?” I could hear the anticipation and rueful acceptance in your voice.
My thoughts exactly.

* * * * * * *

You were quiet as the taxi pulled away from the curb toward the restaurant. I grinned inwardly, wondering what images were running through your mind.
I reached over and grabbed your hand. “Penny for your thoughts.”
You smiled at me in the darkness of the taxi. “As if you don’t know what they are.”
Turning to face you, I brought your hand to my lips. “I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I uttered innocently.
“I don’t think you realize how much that has always been a fantasy for me…” Your voice trailed off as I began to my tongue began to lick in tiny, measured circles around the tip of your index finger.
I could see your eyes grow heavy lidded as I worked on your finger with lips and tongue and teeth. I watched you watch me, making sure you saw at least a few of the things I could accomplish with my tongue. I wanted you to picture my lips and tongue on your cock, licking and nibbling and driving you straight out of your mind.
The throb between my legs increased as I watched the effect the imagery was having on you. God, I just wanted to straddle you right then and there, cab driver be damned. It would have felt so good to be able to grind up against you until we both could shout and moan and come apart.
Holding your gaze the entire time, I took the entire length of your finger in my mouth, sucking on it gently. Your lips parted as you let out a breath you didn’t even know you’d been holding. I could see your cock pushing against the soft fabric of your dress pants in the moonlight, and I smiled wickedly as I continued to work on your finger. I ran the wet tip of your finger against my lips, rubbing it against my reddened mouth.
“I want to be every fantasy you ever had.” I whispered. “Tonight, I’m going to drive you out of your mind.” Your eyes glittered at me in the darkness.
“Is that a threat?” you asked as I slithered out of the taxi.
I turned my head to smile wickedly at you. “No. It’s a promise.”

* * * * * * *

By the time dessert was served, we were both feeling the effects of the heavy sensuality that had surrounded us all evening. My nipples were aching, so sensitive that even taking a breath heightened my desire. I could feel the blood gathering heavily between my thighs, rocking me with the beat of my own heart as my clit throbbed and throbbed. Your eyes were lidded slightly, heavy with the look of sex. I’d be willing to bet that your cock had been hard all through the meal as we shared sexual banter and looks so hot they could strip my breath away.
I wanted to crawl underneath the tablecloth and just take you in my mouth. It would be so easy. The restaurant was dark and quiet, all the patrons focused on their dining partners, paying little attention to the rest of the room. I could slide underneath the table, taking care to move slowly and quietly, and reach for your zipper. Your cock would spring free and I’d take it slowly, hotly, into my mouth as I felt you stiffen in surprise, trying to act outwardly as though everything was normal…
I nearly moaned at the thought. Damn my active imagination!
Dessert came in the form of fresh strawberries and real whipped cream. I’d ordered them on purpose, of course.
It was time to step up the campaign.
“I had an interesting dream about you last night.” I murmured as I swirled a strawberry into the fresh whipped cream.
“What was it about?” you asked. I held your gaze as I slipped the red, ripe berry between my lips. The juice and flavour burst through my mouth. I chewed slowly and then as you watched, I licked my lips to remove any stray juice.
“It was really hot inside.” I began. “The electricity had stopped working. You were sitting on the kitchen counter, trying to get the fuses changed. I walked up to you, took the fuse from your hand, and moved between your thighs.”
As I spoke, I stirred a fingertip in the whipped cream and brought it to my lips. Catlike, I licked the tip of my finger, over and over, until all the cream was removed. I watched your eyes track every movement of my tongue.
“I unsnapped your jeans and pulled your cock out. I ran my fingers up and down the length of you, feeling you get harder and harder.
“I took one hand from you to grab the small bottle I’d placed on the counter beside you – a tiny bottle of flavoured oil. I poured a little of the slick, warm oil into my palm.”
Your eyes grew even wilder as I continued to rub my fingertip in the cream and lick it away.
“I looked straight into your eyes as I moved both my hands together and then slid your cock between them. I rubbed the very tip of your cock into my palm and rolled it around.”
Your breathing changed subtly; it was heavier. God, how I wanted to slide my hand under the table and feel for myself how this was affecting you!
“It was even better when I slid your cock into my mouth…”
You visibly tensed. I grinned, feeling the juices between my thighs in response to your arousal.
Your eyes were half-wild as you looked up and motioned to the waiter.
“Check, please.” you managed.

* * * * * * *

You looked at me, startled, when I directed the cab driver to one of the classier hotels in town.
I merely smiled my little Cheshire cat grin and remained silent. You slid towards me on the back seat, intent. Just this once, I gave in to what we both wanted.
Your hand was heavy in my hair as your lips slanted over mine. I held your cheeks in my hands as I rubbed my lips over yours, flicking my tongue against yours in a flurry of desire, nibbling gently on your lower lip.
Your tongue slid against mine and picked up a steady rhythm of chase and retreat that thundered lower into my body.
The cabbie cleared his throat.
Hmm. An audience was not exactly what I’d intended for the evening. I pulled my lips away, settling in beside you, my fingertips a scant inch away from your cock as my palm rested on your thigh.
Taking a deep breath, you took my fingers and laid them atop your swollen cock.
You were full, hard, so hot your heat seeped through the material of your pants. I could hear your breath shorten as I traced you delicately, deliberately with my finger. I ran my finger lightly around your head, once, twice, three times until I could hear your breath threatening to break.
Thank God it was a short cab ride to the hotel. The cabbie smiled knowingly at us as we threw cash in the front seat and beat a hasty retreat.

* * * * * * *

I could feel your surprise as we walked past the registration desk and headed straight for the elevators. You had no idea that I’d checked in hours ago and set everything up so that the suite would be ready and waiting for us.
Impatience and desire made my hands shake as I tried to slip the card into the door. It took me two tries to get it right. The door had barely closed behind us when you turned to me and pulled me, hands on either side of my waist, into your kiss. Our mouths mated hungrily while seconds stretched to minutes. I could feel your cock pressing into me, silently demanding release. Your thigh slipped between mine and you rocked me slowly against it, my exposed pussy rubbing against the cloth of your pants. God. I closed my eyes and fought the demands of a body that simply wanted to grind against you until the delicious horrible seething ache was gone.
I pulled my lips from yours.
“Okay.” You rumbled in my ear. “You’ve won. You’ve paid me back in spades for what I did last week.”
It was tough, but I got myself together and stepped away from you completely.
“That’s where you’re wrong.” I said, and smiled devilishly. “The payback has just begun.”
Taking your hand, I led you to the small dining room the accompanied the luxurious suite. Your eyebrows lifted when you saw a white silky bundle in a frothy pile on top of the table. Putting a finger to your lips to prevent you from asking any questions, I motioned for you to stand in front of the hard, high-backed dining room chair.
Slowly, seductively, I eased you out of first your dinner jacket and tie, followed by your shirt and slacks. I made an effort not to smooth my hands over your skin while I stripped you – I wanted you to ache for my touch. Still, every time my fingers accidentally brushed you, you shivered. It triggered an answering shudder in me, arousing me to no end to know I could affect you this way.
Your underwear and socks followed until you were standing before me fully naked, erect, the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. It was all I could do to control myself from attacking you then and there, but it was too soon. I wanted you crying out my name when I took you in my mouth, so aroused that you barely knew where you were.
You looked at me curiously as I seated you in the chair and reached for the puddle of cloth. I pulled the first silk scarf from the pile and walked behind you. Drawing your hands behind the chair, I fastened your wrists securely to the chair with the scarf. Once I was satisfied that the knot was tight enough, I moved back around to face you.
“God.” You strained against your bonds, aroused by the turn of events. “What are you doing to me?”
My hair brushed your upper thighs, just inches from your bobbing cock as I secured each of your ankles to the chair with scarves from the puddle of white satin.
“Driving you crazy, I hope.” I whispered in your ear as I stood, sliding a fingertip over the head of your cock. Your breath came in, jerkily.
I moved to the stereo and hit play. The heavy rhythms of the music filled the air, matching the beating of our hearts and the thundering of our blood. Slowly, I moved in front of you and began to unbutton my dress. Your eyes were riveted to the triangle of creamy smooth skin revealed as each button came undone.
I could hear your groan as the merrywidow, its wicked black lace garters, and stockings came into view. I smiled and ran my fingers over my nearly exposed breasts, sliding my hips from side to side in time with the music. My thighs parted as I worked my way toward you; I know you could see the juices on my inner thighs. Your eyes were everywhere, resting on my creamy breasts and trimmed pussy. I could see you pulling a little against the scarves.
I straddled one of your thighs as I moved in closer, cupping one of my breasts and lifting it from its slight covering, exposing my hard, cherry nipple and guiding it between your lips. Your mouth opened over me, sucking me, licking me with light flickering strokes until I thought I’d go mad. I rubbed myself over your thigh, trying to ease some of the pressure that was building up between my clit. I could see your cock twitch in response.
I lowered my lips to your ear. “Have you ever seen a woman finger herself?”
You closed your eyes on a groan. “No.” you managed. “The other women I’ve been with have been too shy.”
“I want to do that for you.” I whispered. “I want to rub myself, and I want you to watch me do it.”
I could hear your breath shorten even more as I raised my hips up and slid a finger, finally, between my puffy lips. I was so wet that my finger slid around easily. You whispered, “Oh, God.” as I began to talk.
“Can you see how wet my clit is? That’s all for you. I’ve been like this all night, wanting to rub it just like this.”
I moved my finger slowly in my pussy, rolling my clit like a marble in oil. God, it felt so good – even better with your eyes on me hungrily, watching me rub myself, wanting me.
I presented my nipple to your lips again as I frigged myself, gasping in pleasure as you nibbled on its tip.
I could feel your cock, rock-hard, bobbing against my thigh as I rubbed myself to orgasm.
When my orgasm hit, I dropped and rubbed myself against your thigh, spreading my wetness, bucking as I called your name.
As the shudders subsided from my body, you whispered to me, “God, that was amazing. Untie me, let me touch you.”
Your pupils were dilated, the lids heavy with desire. I could feel the heat of your gaze on my smooth, heavy breasts, their cherry nipples still hard with excitement. The black lace of the merrywidow looked wickedly sensual against the backdrop of my visible breasts and pussy. I wanted your hands, your fingers, your tongue more than ever. But even more than that, I wanted to stretch you on a rack of the greatest anticipation and pleasure you’d ever known.
I shook my head, smiling, and dropped to my knees before you. As I eyed your cock it twitched and grew even harder.
“I want to touch you first.” I said.
I slid my hands up your thighs until they met around the base of your cock. Lightly, I trailed my fingers up and down your shaft, teasing and tormenting you with just a little less pressure than either of us wanted.
A tiny drop of pre-cum blossomed on the tip of your cock as I ran my soft fingertips around the head again and again, making you harder and harder with every heartbeat. I rubbed it into the soft skin as I circled and withdrew, circled and withdrew, sliding down and up the shaft to circle the head lightly once again.
“Please.” you whispered, and arched your hips upward.
My hands kept up the maddening strokes, never quite giving you the weight or pressure you needed, always dancing at the brink. My fingers clasped you, loosely, barely touching your cock as I ran my palm and fingers from base to tip and back again.
Involuntarily, your legs began to strain against your satin bonds as your hips moved in tiny restless circles.
Smiling, I leaned down and began to lick very lightly around the head, flickering my tongue over the sensitive skin over and over, teasing you with the heat and wetness. You moaned. I concentrated on the small fold at the base of your head deliberately, tracing it over and over as you drew shatteringly loud breaths.
“God, you’re killing me.” you muttered.
I looked up at you with all the heat in my eyes. “Good.”
Had any man ever been this hard? I doubted it. I could feel your entire body shuddering, waiting for the heat of my mouth, only partially satisfied by the flickering, teasing warmth of my tongue.
“Please.” you whispered again, and arching your hips, trying to ease the pressure.
Slowly, with devastating accuracy, I opened my mouth wide, sliding it over your cock without touching it, letting you feel the heat and dampness of my breath, a scant quarter inch of air separating you from my lips. I moved my head downward, bathing you in heat without touching you directly, while I heard your breath shorten and break.
It was the most intense moment I’d ever felt. I could feel your anticipation like a liquid heat.
We stayed that way for devastating moments, until you felt like you were being pulled on a rack, anticipation the focus of your entire being.
Just when you thought you couldn’t take it for another moment, I closed my mouth around you and slid the entire length of you into my mouth.
You closed your eyes and arched your back, calling my name. All teasing gone, I began to suck your cock in earnest, rolling my tongue around you as I pulled you deeply into my mouth, feeling you at the base of my throat. I started a heavy rhythm of advance and retreat, loving the feel of you sliding between my lips, hearing the small sounds that you made as I angled my head left, then right, then left again.
I watched your face as the pleasure worked on you. It was one of the sexiest things I’d ever seen. I could feel the throb between my thighs begin again as I slipped you faster and faster between my lips.
I rolled your balls in the palm of my hand.
That did it. The wave broke, and you bucked in your confined space of the chair, moaning and pumping your hot release into my mouth and down my throat. I kept my mouth on you, loving you through the last stages of your orgasm.
You gasped as I pulled my lips away, dragging them over the overly sensitive head of your cock.
I reached behind you and loosened all of your bonds, and then rested my head on your thigh.
“Now,” I murmured, “I’ve paid you back.”
Your only answer was to pull me into your lap and kiss me deeply, still shaking from your powerful release.

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