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Two things on the agenda today. One, I’ve added a new musing to the site, called Voyage of Discovery. Have you ever had a moment in your life when the lightbulb suddenly turns on? Not a glimmer of light, not a soft glow, but a blazing white light of reason that makes you finally realize something about yourself that you never knew?
This is one of the benefits of being an analytical person; especially about oneself.
I’ve been a tease my whole life. But not until last night, standing in my kitchen, making myself dinner at an ungodly late hour, did I realize why.
And from that realization came the Voyage of Discovery.Along the same lines, I ran across a passage in some erotica I was reading online that caused me to clench. The man (the Master – yeah, I’ve been reading a lot of this stuff lately) had fastened the lady to a table. This seems to be a recurring theme, but it’s not so much the table that makes this worth a mention. Honestly. 🙂 Anyway, there she was, spreadeagled and open, all four limbs tied down. Thighs wide enough apart that she couldn’t generate any friction at all, nothing to help her get herself off.
The description of the scene – particularly the part where he was tying her down – was delicious. Slow and methodical. Taking the time to arouse her in between. Got my thighs clenching in no time. But what he did afterward got me going even more, much to my surprise.
He strolled to the bar and got himself a beer. Moved over to the couch and started to drink it. Leaving her tied to the table, stirring restlessly against her bonds, while he sat and watched her.
Oh. No, I mean really. Oh.
I thought for sure this wouldn’t turn me on – I mean, what fun is that? She’s tied up, he’s halfway across the room drinking a beer. No touching going on here.
But it was the smirk on his face while he watched her. Enjoying what must be going through her mind – her building desperation for even a single touch.
For someone who loves the tease as much as I do, I guess the reaction was inevitable. I clenched.

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