a dom i’m not


If I ever wondered before if I could be a Dom (as most of my experiences up until now have been submissive) the past two weeks would have cured me of such silly thoughts.
For two weeks now, I’ve been Mom to a four-month puppy who is adorable but headstrong. I’ve come to learn that as with many things in life, the Mom/puppy relationship is one of exerting dominance and exacting submission. And just like BDSM in the bedroom, if you (as the Dom) do not take control and keep it at all times, your submissive will not respect you, and everything will fall apart.
Strange, to learn more about bedroom games (and myself in the process) from one tiny little puppy.
But to get back to being a Dom/Mom… it’s stressful. Lordy, lordy, lordy, is it stressful. You always have to be thinking one step ahead. You have to learn to read body language because the puppy (or the sub, I guess) can’t always communicate what they need. When power challenges arise, they have to be dealt with swiftly, firmly (but kindly) in order to keep the dominant position. When the submissive someone is misbehaving, upping their exercise and obedience training helps to calm them and focus them, and generally make both of us much happier. Whole pounds of uncomfortable corrolaries there between bedroom acts and puppy training.
While I’m dealing with this stress as best I can (because I must) I must admit I can’t imagine voluntarily taking on this role in the bedroom. It’s exhausting! And all this thinking ahead tends to make it harder to relax. Ugh. How do Doms do it?
Guess I’m just a little sub at heart. 🙂

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