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Sorry it’s been such a quiet month. With all that’s been going on, sex just hasn’t been on my mind as much. Apparently I’m not alone, because Plastic: sex and Daze Reader, among other sex-related blogs, have been a little thin in content themselves.
The good news is that I did make it to the beautiful City by the Bay, and had a marvellous time. I made sure I checked out
Good Vibrations while I was there, and was generally pleased with the visit. The store had a great selection of books and toys, many of which I’d never seen before. Their Antique Vibrator Museum was a little disappointing, little more than a shadow box that held a half-dozen old vibrators, but it was interesting nonetheless. Their BDSM toy collection was pretty thin as well. Ah, well, that’s why I have Northbound, right? 🙂
I flew home the night of Sept. 10, and woke up to all hell breaking loose in the States.
I’m trying to slowly ease myself back into the whole thinking about sex thing again, and found some inspiration at Josey Vogel’s My Messy Bedroom site. her article on how to give a great handjob was fun to read and got me thinking more and more about big, hard, luxurious, erm…. well, you know.I haven’t had the opportunity to do this nearly as often as I’d like, but oh, how I do love to give a good handjob.
Yum. 🙂

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