a new look and lack of sleep


Well, I’d threatened earlier this evening to redo the design for the site, and I realized sitting there that I should just damn well get off my butt and do it now, while the idea is fresh in my mind. So, several hours, a numb butt and WAY too much diet coke later, I have a new look for the site. I hope you like the new look. If you love it/hate it/encounter problems with it, sound off to me about it.
From my (totally unbiased of course, as I sit here at 3 AM checking it over for broken links) perspective it looks a little more like Herdesires – the “all grown up now” version. Still the naughty image (I’ll never get rid of that – it’s too perfect) but with a slightly classier and more professional look & feel. It’s also (almost) standards compliant and CSS-reliant and (hopefully) far more accessible now to people with older browsers, wee little graphics cards and the like. The site may look very plain to those surfing with an oh-my-god-they-made-this-in-1995 browser but at least the darn thing will be more readable.
Ugh. That’s it for me. G’night!

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