Ran across this article on The Globe all about a new venture in the Big Apple – a sex museum. Something a little more highbrow, apparently, than the ones in Europe, at least according to the article. They’ve even got Betty Dodson and a few other well-respected names in the field involved as advisors.
I laughed when I read that they’re trying to get Monica Lewinsky’s dress for the museum. There are so many sad comments I could make about that, and yet it has undeniably (and regrettably) become a piece of 20th century sexual history.
Apparently it won’t be up for five years or so (which begs the question, why are they telling us now?) but when it is, you can bet I’ll be paying a visit.
In other news, I’m radically unhappy with the design of this site now that I’ve had to deal with it for several months. I’ll be doing a redesign soon, something I can live with for a little longer. Keep your eyes peeled.
Other great news: Blogger finally seems to be running a little faster, hence more updates from me! Looks like they finally got some of their money.

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