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My inaugural posting to this diary! Seems like I should thank a person or three here, before I get on to the goodies:
For teaching me new Photoshop and Illustrator tricks, and sitting with me poring over nudie pictures for hours without once getting embarassed while we searched for the definitive herdesires picture. I think I shocked her a bit with the final choice, but it was so perfect, I couldn’t resist. Twisted, who me?
For encouraging me to do more with the “little site that was” and constantly throwing out damn good ideas for building herdesires into something great. This lady should really do this stuff herself, she’s got the mind for it and the instinct as well, but the web’s loss is my gain.
The Muse:
There’s a man out there who shall remain nameless who has helped me crank out what seems like unending reams of ideas for stories, although only a fraction of them are written so far. Yummy dark eyes, too. May he continue to inspire me to think like a perv and enjoy it…
herdesires will be a place for to explore thoughts of sensuality and sexuality. A place to play, a place to think, a place to let it all hang out. I hope you’ll come with me on the journey.

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