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After all the erotica I’ve read (my shelves are full to bursting with the stuff) you’d think I wouldn’t run across anything that titillated and surprised me. Arouse, sure – these books are wonderful mind candy. But to run across something, particularly of the vanilla variety, that I’d never read, that made my thighs clench over and over and the slit in between weep with excitement, is unusual. Reading a passage last night, though, all these things happened. And I realized while getting into the scene that not only was it making me extremely hot, it was something that I’d never experienced. Such a simple little thing, really, yet it had me squirming on the bed and reaching for one of my little vibes.
They were in a meeting room at work. He’d placed her on the table, legs spread, ass near the edge. He’d then proceeded to tie her arms and legs to each of the four table legs. Nothing new here so far, but arousing, sure. She was totally exposed to his gaze, as he moved up between her legs and began to touch her. Lightly. Verrry lightly. His finger circling her clit over and over. And then he did the thing that made me clench.
Let’s hop out of the scene for a moment to let me explain. I love hands, this is a known thing for those of you who read my stuff on a regular basis. So it would follow that reading scenes that employ hands – spanking, touching, etc. – are of particular interest to me. If ever I could find an entire book of stories focused on hands, I’d be such a happy girl. But in my sexual history as well as the books I’ve read, when a man’s finger moves down to the vagina, it’s penetration time, baby. This is a Good Thing, of course, no complaints here. Still…
While keeping one finger circling her clit with the lightest of touches, he moved his other hand down and began to circle just the rim of her pussy. That wonderfully sensitive ring of nerves at the entrance to her hole. And he kept circling both, not penetrating, just teasing her with the touch of his fingers, until she was nearly insensible. She couldn’t move an inch, couldn’t get closer to his touch or move away from it. She had no choice but to stay where she was and spiral upwards into madness.
I cannot tell you how much this aroused me. Incredible. Where can I find a man with this talent?
Just goes to show you that you’re never too old, too jaded or overexposed to the world of sex to learn something new. Some of you may be saying to yourselves, “Yeah, so? I do this every day and twice on Sunday. Nothing new here.” If so, and you’re female, you’re a very lucky lady. Trust me when I say not all women have experienced this. If you’re saying this and you’re a man, are you single? 🙂
Fingers, anyone?

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